Monday, 2 February 2009

ran into the devil

loaned me 20 bills

so i made it to florida, what a change... same coloured money and pissing rain... this place is mental... seriously though, this place is deffo a different country...6 bucks = 6 pack, how much is that in canadian? although i paid twice that for a double jameson at diner...shizza

here's a bunch of video's... i just realized that i never really listen to the songs that go with them...i'm usually to busy listening to bark at the moon

redbull fight with that 'cause they can't get off the ground?

chase dehart and van homan...two by four edit via adam22.... sweet frickin edit... i may be drunk and it may be the florida humidity,dam sweet none the less...


vid from a road trip through western ozzie land, 0:27 seconds, buy some bigger fucking pants and pull them up, seriously

more trails...and street brad.... adam baker, so it's smooth as fuck...

more trails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honda hills, pretty cool stuff... i can't wait to get diggin'...

9 beers..i should be this wasted.... pop a top again amurrica

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