Tuesday, 30 September 2008

watch out for the rose bush's

holy fuck, an update! haha..sorry folks, been going through a shitload of pictures lately, been busy... but now i'll have someone else to post shit, and he's probably not as lazy as luke and bruno... haha

had a punknight show friday night with johnny truant, who were missing two people for the show but got some help and rocked the fuck out... good and heavy fo sho, and another band with 2 of the guy's from alexisonfire called black lung,(can't find anything on them)(edit,found them here) pretty good as well if you're into the alexis stuff, and then the cancer bats destroyed... they are fucking wild to see... awesome show, here's their myspace page... i haven't finished going through the pic's yet but here's some

johnny truant

dom approved

black lung

the bats

jarred liked the show...tracers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

approved by hot bitches everywhere

so what about riding? yeah been doing that, good session in squam yesterday with brad and nick, but haven't got to those pic's yet either but here's one

and i bought another pocketwizard for my other new flash 'cause the nikon system drives me fucking mental, bruno, jarred and wes were my guinea pigs..haha

then we had a few drinks

and before i go, two videos for now, i got a bunch more saved up but these two are kick ass....

s&m made a trailer for their new video for the defgrip guys, which i blatantly stole, thanks guys! haha

S&M I Wanna Live Trailer from Defgrip on Vimeo.

and the video part of the year as determined by the nora cup (this or brian foster in the catty video save the woods)

sean burns, dead bang (really pissed i left this video in ontario somewhere)
fucking awesome

get off the phone and blog that shit yo!

i need a steak

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

well you got me that time god,good one

rained the fuck out..... so much for dancing

so we got some diggin in friday getting ready for some jam time and it pissed rain all day saturday... what do you do? get ceaser kit's and ghetto lasagna...

and when you have too many drinks the power tripping starts..

and shit get's messy

so cotton's back off to england 'cause the bank of luke is almost going bankrupt... so see ya fucking later mate, catch ya next year a! fuckin pedo

and now for the entertainment....

little jeff s&m video

LilJeff Web Vid from Phillip Sheldon on Vimeo.

levi's trailer, actually looks like it'll be a good video and it's free with issue 67 from dig... sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

and macneil is gonna be making some booze cruisers in the near future, check 'em oot here, and look in the bottom right of the picture for the link to the pic's of the bikes... they look pretty sweet for cruisers, and they're not gay ass fixed gears...seriously, these guy's are fucking retarded, how many standing skids and barspins would be in a whole video of that shit, that's pretty much all you see.... alllllllllllllllllllllllllll homo

oh yeah, where's my money cotton?

and to end it, wow me

Thursday, 18 September 2008

i can't wait to get home and ride daddy

ahhh hell... so the motivational poster thing worked out crappy but i've moved it to the bottom of the page....check that shit and feel good about yourself..iron my shirt bitch.

i don't really have much for today, you can check out some pictures from a friend of mine here

and i should probably be writing something up for rideuk so i'm gonna get to that...

smile and die!:)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

don't forget the jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

that's right, this saturday, rock the fuck oot eh!

and i added the motivational posters to the side bar for inspiration everyday! smile!

and i really got fuck all else so i'll post up some stolen vid's...all three right off the come up 'cause i'm lazy today, park session...........
luc-e in standard country

mike aitken's dew tour runs

Mikey Dew Tour from Fitbikeco. on Vimeo.

and the dirt jumping from the kingston metro jam

Monday, 15 September 2008

fuck the french

fucking dickheads...seriously

here's some pic's from the weekend that involve a frenchy who's not completely retarded,a guy who's gloves smell like dogpisscockballs and a hoser...

weekendpartyscenemadnesssssssssssssss.....maybe not but some drinking happened this weekend

happy birthday snotty! haha

and i almost forgot this one, was gonna put luke in there but you get the idea..haha
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and one more, i'm famous bitches!