Saturday, 30 January 2010

whiskey do my talking

i should put up some pictures but i'm gonna go hang out in the mud before it get's dark, check out this vid,
mark potoczny finding out how fast his trails run... sweet idea

How Fast are the Trails? from Hoffman Bikes on Vimeo.

coalition trip teaser vid.. i think..i forget why i put this one there, must be a good clip in there somewhere i liked..

Smoke and Mirrors teaser from coalitionBMX on Vimeo.

that is all

Sunday, 24 January 2010

poor lill fella

he's just a boy, hope ya feel aight.

i might be pretty drunk, least i didn't get raped. thanks vancouver police folk.

and they're from prince edward island.. still drunk.

3ride footage of wade, james steele (hang nothing to 600 ft drop?) kym grosser and tony hamlin - RANDOM EDIT from on Vimeo.

a kid who rides for cult..sweet berm though

MEET JORDAN from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

wade riding in mexico this winter, cazy fucker...

Wade Lajlar in Mexico - More BMX Videos

james on norco bmx..

Thursday, 21 January 2010

they say he drink like a fish

but a fish drinks like donnie.

igloo session but i'm too lazy to put up pics... maybe later, burnaby luke shredded and skidded, bruno killed it and luke almost killed himself, pegs are bad. bunch of random vid's i found in my insomnia

blazeguardin... john's on a mission to make a full vid, here's a section of kym grosser and mick bayzand going fucking nuts... kym is a mad man.. he'll be filming with wade, travis, teet, hango, osato (sweet) and someone named george i don't know.. sounds kick ass... i wonder if jerome will stop trippin balls long enough to get a clip?

Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzand in Vancouver.

Filmed and edited by John Thompson.

some vid's swiped from gnarwhale

jason teet edit, pretty mental bomb drop...

Jason Teet from Michael Sharpe on Vimeo.

ride on put on some hell track races, big john's gotta work on his starts..

Race at Helltrack from Gnarwhale on Vimeo.

a vid from pawoods of some riding at ray's indoor in looks massive..also documented there, the new home of the little devil bowl.

rays from woods on Vimeo.

there's a lot of riders around vancouver and surrounding areas.. here's a few living the dream.. barrett, who we met rippin around the igloo with no chain one night has some shots in there..

Ghetto Mansion Winter 09 Edit from Kurt Murseli on Vimeo.

a face plant dave wanted to show me, not very nice dave.

lost trail clips found on dig

Summer 2009 from joeybmx on Vimeo.

some ottawa kids decided to put the mini from their yard in the living room..dang..

39C Living Room BMX Jam from Rob Lando on Vimeo.

trail riding with liam eltham...steezin

A day with Liam 'Lima' Eltham. from Robin Fenlon on Vimeo.

get at me wolf

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

there's a tear in my beer

oh well, least it ain't pee

so last saturday the weather decided to be wicked and we went to the city to ride with paul and jesse, was hella fun yo.. 'till aids caught up with me..was an afternoon of wallride spots (which i took no photos of), tree abuse in the sunset (which was documented), sailor jibbin (also documented for historical facts), back to wallriding (hurts the shoulders), with a smashing game of tennis to entertain our rain delay smoke break, all the way to cardboard box skids and pedal grinds under the warm glow of the police is grand..then i got sick and felt like shit so we went and drank in the garage..can't wait for another nice day to shoot some endo shots...speaking of shots, i need to get another beer..have a look at some history in the making...

luke was on fire..


pizza roll to fakie

oh my god it's godzilla!(check out the godzilla poster at the bottom too..ha)

bruno learn't barspins and busted out some bars to tire taps... to bad he doesn't speak spanish..

and on to the a nice sunset on the docks..

and since that was today, it is 2:19 a.m., i'm going to have my pizza pops, finish my beer and go sleep..what would it be without some swiped vid's though..

luke parslow and pals jumping around.. nastazio's mega slow mo flip is fucking pimpin....

Rockstar Energy Drink: Luke Parslow Trails from Sixtiesrider on Vimeo.

is mat roe trying to one up luke's footjammin skills? maybe...

Robbo x Roey / LDN - Hastings from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

poop...okay i randomly searched poop on you tube and that link was in there, this one came up around first too... i don't know what to say, hulk smash

Sunday, 10 January 2010

it's got my secret ingredient


so luke bruno and i hit the o'l igloo for a saturday night session with barspinner jonh, and apparently some other youngin's had the idea too. made for a packed house, but those kids these days, they shredded it up..

personal spaces were invaded

i forgot your name so i'm caliin you b-real for now, hope you like cypress hill..p.s. fuck censorship

luke knows that place

haven't got to see these kids ride in person too many times, but they's got's some moves i tell ya, almost refreshing to see some brakes on bikes too..

anthony, who looks like a mini wade, lost his belt and tried to smash his balls..

james who has a boost button on his bike,

and aussie pete who come from perth, hello sailor..

so it's pretty much bed time for me.. check out a couple more vids

welcome to jefferson state, nw trails with the building the underground crew?

Welcome To Jefferson State Trails Section from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo.

so robbie morales left s&m and this is old news and you already know what's up, here's the trailer vid for his new deal cult, some wild and crazy stuff here

CULT TEASER from on Vimeo.

mike laird power hour session, slayin hard with a sick song..

Power Hour: Mike Laird - More BMX Videos

chop chop

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

what year is it?

oh yeah, update, sorry dave..rode the park in squamish today and it was sweet, decently warm and all to myself, so that means no new pictures of bicycle stuff, maybe tomorrow... there's always tomorrow ain't ther? maybe a couple of those skate jam pics eh? we should talk to dom and see if we can bmx there one night..haha..

this kid spencer killed it and won some shit, crooked to tail on the stage side, and over tailslide or blunts? i dunno skatboards and back tails

this kid had some dialed smiths, even a beer drink smith in there some where but i haven't got to that one yet, shane i think?

nic possibly? definitely not the kid who knocked himself out the day me and dave had our last session at the whis park, either way i got some rad shots of this kid, and no you probably won't see them on here for a year or two

paul machnau and another pro dood showed up which resulted in lot's of coors light and no pilsner's (boo) but colin and dom had some to give away which ended up in my belly(yay), good thing light beer don't go to your hips

niggel was reppin hard as fuck yo

and some guy who wanted to be the travelocity gnome i think he was wasted because he tried to tell me his story about getting a shitload of these pictures all around town before i told him i had to get back to work. (see:drinking)

rekin that's enough for now eh? time for some bmx... here's a bunch of videos the are just the bee's knees

ride best of 09 vid, ridebmx mag's highlight vid from 09... jamie fucking bestwick ladies and gentlemen... holy shit man

some of the profile dudes in cali shreddin pools

Profile Cali Pool trip from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

northwest trail shredders, darin read killfest

Welcome To Jefferson State Trails Section from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo.

pikeys jumping to flat, every shot in this vid made my cry..

DUB/P5/Carhartt London Jam. from DUB BMX on Vimeo.

holy fuck, technically speaking that's some impossible shit

Bommel some clips 2009 from Bommel on Vimeo.

well that's just aboot enough for me eh.. here'a a new rail i spotted

see ya