Saturday, 27 December 2008

move bitch

yo... jason teet is an animal, proof stolen from red

It's About Time - Jason Teet from John Thompson on Vimeo.

and a video from pawoods

chase robbo from woods on Vimeo.

the pawoods '08 video is out and ready, i'm going to order a few for here so if you want one let me know, email me or janis

and that's aboot it for today eh.... i'm lazy and haven't shot any new pictures in a while, 'cept some hockey one's but i haven't got here yet, i need photoshop at home..

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

back from the dead

so yeah, i've filled in most people, but i was in the hospital for 8 days (that fucking sucked) with some blood on the brain, possibly old head injury's,possibly the fact that i drink too much, dunno yet gotta go get some more scans and shit soon ... making me throw up like once an hour, not cool...but now i'm back to town and taking a couple weeks off work to sit around and do fuck all.. except eat good food. so yeah i got no riding pic's or nothing but here's a few muay thai shot's that i mentioned a while ago.

and there's a video of andrew gobbo who shred's the rad side on the seshin bikes site here

that's it that's all folks

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sexmith is Retarted!

 So Sexmith has gone and proven yet again that he is fuckin nuts!! Check out the clip at about 50 secs in. Squamish park spaz line made to look easy. Guy's got my respect without a doubt.
Oh yeah...It's fuckin cold!!! Shit! Luke lets hit up the Igloo soon!!

Monday, 1 December 2008


falling down is fun....

yeah mark! crazy storms in oz eh! just about winter time up here so it'll be snowshredding and city trips soon enough!

so we got some diggin' in yesterday, me bruno jared and justin piled dirt and shaped berms, it was productive. small line is deffo gettin big.

and out come the wolves

douche bolbaggins, what a retard austin is, if you can't find it click on the media tab from their site