Saturday, 19 December 2009

stoner saturday

it's the canadian version...a..

t1 had a sweet freaky friday this week, kick your boots off and check it oot, here

shot some pics of a skatejam at garf's and proceeded to get really drunk until 6 a.m. the other night sweet.. i'll have a couple of those tomorrow maybe? for now you can watch the videos i highly recommend..

sean burns is wild..
sean burns osiris vid

Osiris - Sean Burns from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

some northwestern area riders and more..

breakfast shit trailer

and what would a stoner saturday be with out s&m?

hockey night in canada

Thursday, 10 December 2009

i hope you like the taste of dirt

hi there neighbour, been a while eh? and i don't got no new pics.. been busy with moving down to squamish and settin up my pad and whathaveyou.. need to do some riding or diggin soon but -2 can suck it..

here's a couple vid's i swiped from pawoods,

un autre trailer from their vid this year and they also have some pic's from catty and other pa trails in the new ridebmx mag and video

pawoods 2nd 10 year trailer from woods on Vimeo.

and a quick little commercial for a company called sekt clothing that has some stylin' shredders

sekt commercial, at the other austin trails

hmm let me check for a pic or two to entertain,

i don't think i put up any pic's of the german days so here's a few rejects (most of them)

when was bancroft back again? sneaky little hippy...

piss on the fire next time


ya ze german!

and he sent me a couple pics a while ago too,

i hope the guy that took these ain't some big bad ass german that's gonna get pissed at me...haha

one more pic for dave,

Thursday, 12 November 2009

but wait, there's more

man my interneting is weak..big changes to come though, scan the sky...or else what?


is that even news? who know's these days with cnn and all..but in the meantime, time to start looking for dirt in squamish..rekin i'll try to put a couple jumps in by the skate park for shit's and giggles.. why the heck not..

most likely the last park session in whistler this year..

and some randoms from my trip

and burnaby luke from last year probably

and a volume web vid of tate roskelley, this kid is different... a treat to watch some might say..

Volume Bikes: Tate Roskelley from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

if yer gonna do wrong buddy

do wrong least i should learn to spell

so not much to report at the moment, it's raining and snowing, the trails are done and most of the tarps are up.. time for city trips and igloo sessions i rekin.. and stolen vids

luke got stabbed a few times the other day,probably deserved it...

enns lotek vid in cali...

Jason Enns from Lotek on Vimeo.

pa-woods autumn sesh pt. deux

autumn sessions part 2 from woods on Vimeo.

kush trails, kym mick and anthony

Trails with Kym, Mick and Anthony from FORTYFOUR media on Vimeo.

dave kron + brian histand orchid vid from tcu

Dave Krone and Brian Histand from Orchid Footwear on Vimeo.

think positive bud

and a couple pics from the show in seattle, bob wayne and the outlaw carnies (who are fucking sick) and the devil makes three
(fuck yeah!) i apologize to the first band, we only caught your last song and it sounded good but i can't remember your name from my drunken memories(the night went long as me and scarfone decided to hit up a house party?)

bob wayne and the outlaw carnies..

the main event of the evening...

oh man...

i have very little recollection of this place but it was pretty funny...thanks

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

'cause the devil

is my friend

business before pleasure.. here's the link to sign the petition to reinstate hank williams in the grand ol' opry, do it

things look bleek for riding trails anymore this summer, yes it's october and i say summer... fuck it. shit's weeeeeet.

been sat here going through so many pictures from the summer my eyes are tweakin out on me... still got some more to go.. sweet, did a little update to the myspace account if you're so inclined, a few new pics in there

so how's aboot videos..

kush trails edit stolen from anthony

Kush Trails Edit from Anthony Messere on Vimeo.

fall soil from, PA shredding..

fall soil from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

boicott camping jam, fitzland... this spot looks so fuckin slags

2009 Boicott BMX Camping Jam - Slab City from Obscura Creative Group on Vimeo.

$1.25 willy,isn't that the same price your mother charges for a blowjob you piece of dog shit?

Friday, 16 October 2009

i don't like modern art

oh i like farts

it's a bit damp out.. unfortunately it looks like ullr is on his way to end the trailing season here..

all in all it's been a ball, so here's a couple pics from the hopefully not last session..

luke and dave sessioned guy lafleur for the paparazzi fest

ryan, steve and remy showed up and joined in the small line fun

steve was gettin pretty sideways, couple more runs..

ryan was gettin hella raditude chill on the small line too

off to the third jump where i took a bunch more crap foto's..

luke was straight cold chillin his wookbacks

and he even helped show dave how to get it done

and it was chill..

and a couple videos i found..
"who knows" trailer from tom robinson..

whoknows vid preview from tom robinson on Vimeo.

and some more robbo, with matt roe as well.... english mate

matt roe and robbo lotek vid

Matt Roe x Robbo - Villij / Lotek Brand from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.