Tuesday, 31 August 2010

stay strong

swiped from buildthewoods

2010 UK Stay Strong Stephen Murray Jam - More BMX Videos

Well the 2010 Murray Jam went down on the weekend and it was a blast for sure. Stephen was in attendance and it was inspirational to see how stoked he was with everything going on. That’s not mentioning his speech either, pretty much silenced everyone and was truly great to see how his strong mentality is shining through.
Anyways, I swopped the contents of my camera bag for a few too many cans of ale so you’ll have to make do with this edit (and a shit ton of photos floating around Facebook!)
Stay strong

dem some big jermps!

heavy nettle rocked the house, thanks to the island lad's hospitality once again, cowabunga dudes!

still gotta go through the shot's so that's all you get of that. but nonetheless it was a pretty sweet weekend of dirting, bbq'ing, and hanging. to tide you over, i've swiped a few worthy vids..

a helmet cam vid from prettyshady, fucking knob

a spot called the apache trails that got plowed, look pretty nice, shame..

big daddy profile

diggin in the rain, maybe no fire ban in b.c.? that would be fuckin awesome


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

get shredical

oakly trails championship tour jam thing. chertsey and oxford, they look pimped out, dang..

decoy and epsom

so i may have done some inhalation therapy and pbr'ing and forgot about this and we went to the trails to dig... those pics tomorrow..

where's the map book?

should be a good weekend..trailing and such..been some rain in the rev jungle, shit's nice at the moment..check out some vids while i photoshop some shit..

liam ethlam s&m edit

40 footer from gj's trails?

40ft set from Washington - Plowed from dustin on Vimeo.

john thompson interview on dig


Monday, 23 August 2010

a brief hiatus

so yeah, made it back from ontario. only to be returning in a few weeks, suppose i'll take the dog so she doesn't defecate on any towels or plough through the windows and doors...manbearpig...

new hightek lightning system for the trailin sessions, i just fire it on the motor drive and the by's can jump in the dark! they tuk er sun!

even dan made the small line in a few tries, although i would actually be impressed if he followed his brother for once and started off with watering instead of riding the dust..

damn b!

couple english vids...

Chertsey August 2010

Chertsey August 2010 from IMG TV on Vimeo.

barend jam 05, when cotton still had front chopers, speaking of cotton, watch for him and wanker wayne to be walking hand in hand on the back of dig magazines worldwide

stephen murray jam preview from tcu

Murray Jam 2010 Preview from PinkwellProductions on Vimeo.

and the not english english version.. mutiny x etnies vid...the last words are my sentiments exactly...

SF to SD from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 August 2010

jump it

a couple trailin vids...

oakley trails championship teaser from the dig site

mat burton, welsom to the tead edit for segment clothing from sasquatch canyon

Segment Clothing - Mat Burton [welcome to the team] from Segment Clothing on Vimeo.

and this one i forgot about, watch it anyways 'cause this kid shreds..

tom robinson on mutiny pro

Villij Session from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

and this one i found on nobikes, no trailing but a sweet bowl section and a can can tire slide...

Seth Bernard from Matt Horak on Vimeo.

debauchery and over alcoholing

hanigin in ontario, havin a time! "where do you want me to touch you?" "here"...okey dokey

picked up some new equipment before i flew out too... can't wait to blind mother humpers at the trails with these

ethiopian birthday jam at the trails today for anyone out west... hopefully you fucking cunts are actually taking care of the jumps

Saturday, 7 August 2010

the world is pissed

or so it seems.. a massive landslide in the pemby valley.. read about it here, here's a couple pic's from the park, and a random i might have already posted? too. fuckin' caveman

last minute addition 'cause the caveman made me think of dustin guenther trying to slide that rail.. gnarly spill..

Ten Pack Evolution from SweetBMXVideo4130 on Vimeo.

enjoy the rain

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

summer brew

although the flash flood rain and hail didn't feel like summer this vid sure does...check it on sasquatch canyon,click, kick back, crack one up and enjoy...

wet dirt means good diggin... j.p. started the mission of patching up the race track and small line (new name, timbuktu? i think we should call a vote) and i've started trying to find a way out for dave's hip line..slowly... and finishing up on the bruce