Wednesday, 22 April 2009

where the fuck's cotton?

where's chaz for that matter? dunno but neither one is here... speaking of not here, where's my truck? oh yeah, i like to drink...


nevermind, here's some dirt while i wait for bruno so we can go drink, i mean dig...

random trails edit from some pikeys i don't know

___________. from old crow on Vimeo.

and here's robbo who i also don't know,

Robbo's 'Up In Smoke' Bonus from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

is that paul b.? i don't know what he looks like...

t1 rules, it ain't friday but you're gettin it, terribleonefreakyfriday

how about some pictures, well you can't see 'em 'cause i'm lazy, i think it's time for a ceaser...

hey bruno, here's how to do lawnmowers

oh yeah and go buy the 2x4 video, it's fucking awesome...schools out bitches, everybody dance now

Thursday, 9 April 2009

oh jeeze

well howdy fuckin doody... time for an update i suppose? made it back from seattle by pulling off a spark plug cap and letting it hang loose.. rad.. and spring is trying pretty hard to break through..the park is clearing out slowly here and i'm gonna go check out the trails later just to torture myself... how's aboot something neat, dan-o and poynter put on a little party hardy with the guy's from podium, hella rad.. here's a couple snaps

the host with the most?

miss. lever gettin wild

le grizz!

what? no bikes? ok everyone off the ramp

and then i went back the next day with slim and shot some bikes only action, thanks to those dudes for letting us in, and to fatboy for smashing awhole in the freshly painted wall..

i think that's enough for now, three vid's to go out on

the chicken? found it on thecomeup, some wild manouvers in there

a 12 year old kid from van that rip's pretty good, anthony messare

Anthony Messere Spring 09 from Anthony Messere on Vimeo.

and click here to check out a derelict vid from summer 08

and that's that, suppose i'll put up a new pic at the bottom, and something to inspire young minds in these troubled times..

think dirt