Monday, 23 May 2011

35 dollars and a six pack

Good times eh! Taking a little country break,havin beers and cranking some golf balls.. A couple excavators can really rip some dirt.. So can trevor and oli... Things are shaping up at the trail,shits looking good,wonder how the water levels are doing... Getting warmer in kamloops, rivers are getting higher. Got another vid put together but the only intermet I can get is on my phone so I'm trying to get a few pics up.. Doubt the vid is gonna fit on my phone in hdizzle.. Hope to get into town wed or thurs though,stoked on this one. Randy's got some kick ass footy.. Canadian BASE yo!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

look at this shake and bake!

baked and shakey! some clips from the park and trail testing

Untitled from timokanefoto on Vimeo.

shake and baked in austin, sick vid from deluxe by nick steban from 9th st and eastside.

Part 1 of the Austin Trip Video. Trails section.

Riders: Will Blount, Mike Molineri, Jeremy Ball, Clint Reynolds,Matty Aquizap, Eric Jensen, Dan Oakaby, Darryl Nau, and Tom Dugan

Song : Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

Austin Trails Spring '11 from Nick Steben on Vimeo.

for the michigan kids! shake and bake by pavi. dude is amazing,killed it tonight.

Monday, 2 May 2011

well shit the bed

cancer strikes again, a legend gets kicked in the jimmy. go over to FBM to check out some info about mike tag.

once again, fuck you cancer.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

There's gotta be a better system then this peein' in jugs

Way of the road buddy..

At one point we stopped for a road side wiz somewhere i think in Oregon and there was a roadside poop, t.p. and all. Billy Big Rig keeps on keepin' on.

good timing!

bmx it all! never got a chance to ride the park there, maybe next year. also a trip to windell's is in the future! oregon in august!

alistair's clockin footy and gettin jumps!

i'll have some more pics up tomorrow on

another damn myers..from the embassy

Untitled from Dave Myers on Vimeo.