Sunday, 25 January 2009

what the hell am i doing drunk in the middle of the day

so i guess i'm retarded and can't read a calander.. monster jam next weekend, but this weekend worked out sweet... got an igloo session with justin and a.j. all to ourselves 'till 1 am, rode at hastings the next day after a big fat fucking feat, where burnaby luke showed up and shredded, then took us to check out the burn a baby trails... some seriously sweet lines there, can't wait to go back when things are runnin..and i've also got no blurry photos to show for it.. left 'em at home and now i'm at work...suck it

some vid's from out there, first up, filmin john went to the renton skatebarn with wade and travis and filmed some clips...

Macneil - Skatebarn Day Trip from John Thompson on Vimeo.

and etnies have put up all the sections from grounded on the web, here's strickers section at full speed

i'm tired and my tooth hurts like a cunt... and i'm flying to florida next week, fuck the cold

don't fuck your sister

Thursday, 22 January 2009

let bombs explode

'cause that's what they do

got some more igloo stuff, shot some more pic's with travis, wade and nick....killer brah..

the post man has been a great fella...

monster jam saturday night,thanks to karrin we'll be pimpin' redneck style... if i make it out of the casino..

between three loads of laundry, cooking a steak, drinking a six pack, playing skate,(skate2 is sold out everywhere already..haha)this pretty much took me all day.. well you know what world, you got me cornered again

ta ta

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

2 days

and luke already fucked up my new laptop... what a cunt...

apology's for the post lacking.... but drinking has a way of keeping me off the computer...

and there's not really that much cool shit out the in internet land to steal about bmx stuff, but if you haven't seen a flair to footjam yet then you suck

stony's place looks rad, but now it won't play for me anymore... cunt

STONES PLACE! from stoney on Vimeo.

something else to do, hit up the team baked mini ramp soon i think???????

do some sit ups

and luke, wanna go to niggaugwa

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

fark that

went to the igloo thursday night... haha, sorry dude, maybe this weekend? gimme a call, and i'll talk to luke..

a.j. also stole half the vid's i was gonna post up... haha, ahh well, i got sources sucka...

here's something for the flatnerds, this kid is mental...

Two Combos in The K-124 House from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Mat Hoffman had a birthday and ridebmx put together some old vids of the condor here

and a couple pic's from the igloo, the rest will hopefully show up on macneil for a bike check with baller


hey brian, if you wanna know more about the bars in the bike check, email bruno,, he's the one who did it so he can probably answer your questions..

and one more found on thecomeup

holy fuck what an idiot

Funny as fark!

Hey ya'll just wanted to post this as it had me cracking up in class. The vids pretty shit but the very first clip is hilarious!!

The Rapture Trailer from steven martinho on Vimeo.

Take er eaz.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Some Dirt Bikin!

Oi cobbs! Check out these nice trails clips.

Joe Riley Edit from Staff BMX on Vimeo.

And Robbo at Catty and others.

Tom Robinson from Tom C on Vimeo.

Speaking of Catty Woods. Whats the deal with their new vid Tim.

Luke! Lets ride the Igloo ya bastard!!

Also a vid of sick rider Matt Roe!

Matt Roe from gavin repton on Vimeo.

Dude's sick!

Thanks to the crazies over on the Come Up for the links to the vids. No time to look anywhere


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

luke said

your jumps were torn down though? hahaha...sucker...

hey luke, go look at this...neat oh eh? thanks to joe for putting up luke's crappy photo! haha

and fatboy david sent me this clip, which i happened to be reading about n dig # 66, albie bennett 360 fastplant to camera clipper... "this is broken?" and sean burns deth gap... gone wrong? hahaha

some big daddy just 'cause he ain't been around lately it seems, click here

that's it, that's all

Monday, 5 January 2009

beer and sex and chips 'n gravy

that's all a cotton wants......

so what's new since yesterday? i had to drive through a 2 foot snowbank to get out this morning,but lightness can handle that shit, fuck did it ever snow... this is about the time of year when i start thinking about the trails and that they'll never be clear of snow..., three cheers for global warming! soon enough i'll be pissed they're like this,

what else?

fuck all, look at someone else's pictures(they're pretty good for a pikey), and ridebmx put up an archive of all their old desktop backgrounds, supercool, check 'em here and also you can find some random pic's from mike savaadra's trails, blue bench trails

and just after i ordered my breakfast poutine i found this frenchie on the deluxe blog...weird...

Max bimar Part from Bimar Maxime on Vimeo.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

does your shirt say "i like getting puked on" ?


it snowed about an inch on my truck in 15 minutes, guess it's almost time to accept winter and have a few runs on the ol' snowboard...although i'm sure it'll turn to rain within a few days now.... ahh well, fuck the snow!

how's aboot some summer time entertainin'?

up first a couple swiped from thecomeup, (not sure if i posted this already or not but it's a van orman production so why the hell not) elliot van orman says "time will tell"

Time Will Tell Trailer (Coming 2009.. EVO Productions) from Elliot Van Orman Productions on Vimeo.

and there are two types of balls

and here's some crazy shit i saw on t.v. the other day and found an HD clip of on defgrip...mental

Friday, 2 January 2009

holy shit did we just go back in time?

or should i learn to count.... it's fucking cold out, minus 15 can suck my ass...nevermind i was just to9ld it's minus 16, fuck... so i still haven't dome fuck all for the last two weeks, it's been sweet...happy new year to all, and here's two crappy pic's 'cause i got nothing else at the moment. ta ta

and one for luke from mrs. lever