Thursday, 29 May 2008

accessory and accessory accessories

bruno went diggin and i was lazy, j.p. helped him out though and they got some shit done...

and i've been working on 1 hand 1 footers

oh yeah and there's a new bank down near the trails that is fucking awesome, fly-out's for life foo!

i took 6 pills of red bull and drank a case of 2-4

too much weed....

had a flat bank session on the only dry spot after work, brad and ryan worked on their doubles routine... i think they want it back in the x games....

brad's stoked ryan doesn't have four pegs

carpenter is coming to play with the fall of summer mad cowboys and trigger effect this weekend... sunday night at garf's.. should be a good show..

and some killers on heath pinters jumps...

and people being punched in the face, found this on defgrip... fucking funny

Action Figure slow motion video from Stig Nordas on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

girl you have no faith in medicine

lunch break park sesh with brad and small bars, who got brad's old bars so they're not quite as small, and we got rained the fuck out.... sucks to that...but before the rain came in brad was blasting the hip into the spine...trick that shit

to flat baby

check out the macneil site for a pic of wade blasting the shit out of the spine hip transfer thing... masssssssive

and check out federal for a video of bruce crisman.... doing shit backwards that i can't do (see:tricks,freestyle maneuvers)

diggin in the morning and riding squampton this weekend? get friday off luke

and pray you don't find this in your bed when you come home drunk

Monday, 26 May 2008

i can't live without rage-a-hol......

homer mad...homer smash!

i completely stole this from nuno@defgrip, he's found this blog done by ryan partridge.. s&m history at it's finest... funny shit in there

p.o.w. clips

there's rain in the forecast which can fuck off...but at least the stanley cup is on... is it the weekend yet?

and jesse told us that paul smashed his hip in some good,bummer... get better soon man! rev's will make you strong like bull...

Saturday, 24 May 2008

oh there's cotton....

he's back, hurrah! get diggin and do a 7....or whip the taco....

hips don't lie, harrison boyce has some pic's from elevation check 'em here

it's sunny and warm so hopefully some pictures up soon...

and i've got nothing else, stanley cup finals start today and detroit's gonna stomp some penguins...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

on the road again

got some photos from the trails...30 feet of snow has to go somewhere and now they're not dry anymore.....

guess we won't be doing laps for a bit...tabernac!

justin inman shredding solame...brakeless? nutter.......stolen via lotek

Justin Inman - Solame from Lotek on Vimeo.

Monday, 19 May 2008

i'm so broke that it ain't funny

i'm still in ontario and bruno and luke haven't learned how to use this shit yet... let see some naked pictures of your bitches already....

be back to Disneyland this week and it's time to get to diggin' already...

bruno went and snaked a lap at the track in squamish, and i'm gonna try to check out the tim dasilva track while i'm out that shit go here

we're gonna check out the bobsleigh track when i get back too, might be something to ride...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

i need a drink

i've been in airports and hospitals and shit for the last few days dealing with some family shit...cancer can suck my fucking ass... i love you mom....

go have a look at this site, first thing i saw made me laugh so it must be good...
learn how to have fun

i need to go dig...

Monday, 5 May 2008

i hate kids in pubs

but i do like chaos uk..... thanks cotton ol' buddy ol' pal...

me and bruno had a quick digging session today, he redid the first lip and i just kinda walked around cleaning up leaves and bottles and shit....

oh yeah and some assholes have been going there and having fires and leaving garbage, if we catch you... you're fucked... cunts

there a petition to save a bmx track in ontario that might get torn down because of red tape bullshit... tear down a hockey rink ontario..
sign the petition here

Help Safe Tim DaSilva's BMX track from brian hunt on Vimeo.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

god damn french....

habs lost.. montreal is out of the playoffs and there's no more canadian teams... oh well redwings will win that shit anyways....detroit what bitch?

sorry about that, so finally got down to the trails and started working, can't really ride yet, soon though.. starting to de-sog...

fucking stump has to go... gonna try to build the landing a bit shorter and higher, straighter into the berm kinda thing

and then build the berm up just like dave king would do

smiley face!

oh yeah and pepe and haley started working on the garden so we'll have veggies to steal when we're burnin' meat! fuck yeah!

wanna shoot a proper b/w one with this tiller that's been sitting around the jumps longer then i've been digging there

mark has a fat head... and lindsay...well she's hot