Thursday, 30 September 2010

parlez vous le shred?

i'm sure it's all been seen somewhere's already but here's a few trailin vids..

the first vans kill the line vid, bf, mark mullville, darin read...fuck yeah...

More BMX Videos

and another

Vans kill the line official clip from alexdropsy on Vimeo.

and another i think

Vans Kill The Line / Best of by The Diggest from The Diggest . com on Vimeo.

pows bmx vid from btw, on some amazing lookin cali trails

Trails Web Edit from Marcus O'Brien | POWSBMX.COM on Vimeo.

from tcu, cory nastazio killin his jumps in tehachapi?
9over by woodward west that you can't show up to session...lame)killer brah! nasty's sick as sars

How I'm Livin' 2010 from ISSUEZ INC on Vimeo.

and a sam lowe vid to ender...

Sam Lowe webvid from Jettyev on Vimeo.

truck load of clay in the morning... fuck off rain, at least for a few hours..
blind corn liquor pickers

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

if you build it

kids will run all over it...started a little project whilst i'm hangin in ontario.. should be pretty sweet, got a good sized chunk of yard to play with, a shit ton of rocks from the beach,( "what'd you do on saturday?" "oh ya know, we drank some pints and picked some rocks eh.") a few logs, and a couple berms already shaping up.. hopefully some clay thursday night so we can barrow it into place and get it shaped up this weekend before i start to head back...

so where the b-man is going mental will be raised up for the starting gate area, maybe i'll get a gate on it next summer,

come down the roll in and pump through two rollers, and then two small racer tables..

into the corner we filled with rocks and some shit dirt, a berm to the right hopefully a small roller to pump out of it heading into the next corner..

lookin out of said berm towards the next just past the split tree

from the back of the berm, into two rollers that should be doublable...

a split on this tree after the double rollers, hopefully a berm between the trees, 180 style back into the second table and first berm, to the left of the tree to a decent jumper to ender... and then maybe next spring/summer into a four pack past the start for a couple trickers...we'll see if any little kiddies wreck themselves and i have angry mom's screamin at me...

now if i could just get my dirt dropped off....

in sadder news, the samsquantch fellers gotta start over, i'll have a cold crystal (prime time ontario beers) in honour..fuckin way she goes...

a couple of vids on a grey day...

mark potoczny's yard on a sunday from deluxe

amity team tourin around portugal before the rebel jam from tcu... spring time trip to europe anyone? too late this summer cotton, sorry your bling for the spring...east bound and down!

Amity In Portugal from Mike King on Vimeo.

son never mind them brakes...

Friday, 24 September 2010

can't we at least wait for the cheeseburgers?

a touch windy here and plenty of storms... crazy system been moving up through the states, got some good pics, and i'll have some film one's when i get back out west too..dump truck load of clay to my buddy's tomorrow, this should be a sweet weekend of making good times!

in not me news,

hopefully more kids from Calgary will be not wearing nike's soon enough, Andrew Schubert from Calgary is getting flow from Lotek, go on over to shuvl to check the vid, pretty sweet, looking forward to stopin in on the way back!

the nora cup winners, probably old news already, were announced and drew bezanson got #1 ramp rider, you can check out the rest on the ride site

team chocolate chip # 6 from tcu...that video still is what got me... kid didn't even look phased...nutterly...

TEAM CHOCOLATE CHIP from Dan Dwyre on Vimeo.

josh bedford vid from the mutiny site, rubber ankles... when you see it, you'll shit a brick...if you shit a brick,or piece of pie, consult a physician...

TWW - Josh Bedford from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

tom penny (skate wtf! sweet bowl tho innit?) still killing it in this skate flick from duffs

tom penny new footy from vincent on Vimeo.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

up jump the devil

frenchy's distro trail tour, with mark mullville bf and a french dude who's name i missed because brian foster should have paid better attention in french class...tsk tsk..from dig

FRENCHYS TRAIL TOUR - teaser from frenchys on Vimeo.

radiation trails edit from deluxe

Radiation Trails Fall 2010 from Alex Ciesla on Vimeo.

crazy 4 by'in...

a pictures worth a thousand ithings....

Monday, 20 September 2010

listen to the man

or damn the man whatever, just keep 'em moist...the vanier park jumps are full throttle, go check 'em oot if you're there eh..

(j v p)

and just so things are clear, one of them animals ain't canadian....i wonder if he'll get back through...


here's a vid from the taz park too,from tcu i definitely need to go east of ontario again next summer..

Le Taz Skatepark Session from EricFavot on Vimeo.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

got a metric socket that don't quite fit,

it'll wiggle just a little but it ain't quite stripped..some serious garage goin down tonight...pik's truck pretty much did come one piece at a time

Saturday, 18 September 2010

luke musta stubbed a toe

'cause i think he's crying down there, oh well they're off to san fran, i'm sure he'll find someone to make him feel better...

i hope decent weather holds out 'till i get back...ain't really ready to snowboard just yet.... although i heard it's gonna be the best season in like 647 years..maybe it'll be good...we shall see..

here's a couple grabs from the feeder
we the people's new vid should be out pretty soon, sam lowe's innit, buy it.

wethepeople anytime now trailer from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.

lee denis primo vid see on tcu

Lee Dennis Primo BCN 2010 from PRIMO on Vimeo.

don't lose your wallet

Friday, 17 September 2010

vaya cornholio

the almighty bunghollllllllllioooo!

slide on over to the samsquantch canyon for a couple pics of chester cheetos and wuuke hurtin livers in santa cruz, watch the fuck out fellers..

and a couple other vids,

bowl to be a trail jam, from deluxe

bowl to be a trail jam 2010 from johnmini on Vimeo.

Hot on the heels of his video from La Source Jam, here’s more from JR: “Here’s a video of our  jam held in Saintes (France), the Bowl To Be A Trail jam, organized for the second time by the ‘saintaitiseurs‘ on the West coast of France in an attractive bowl! As last year, we built jumps near the bowl, which is already crazy by itself. In 2010, for this 2nd edition, nothing was missing:
- old school bowl from 1978
- trails
- concerts
- friends
- beers
- cognac
- accordion
- sun
Really nothing was missing ! The jam was nothing except a sweet weekend that we all appreciated, with an atmosphere without any fuss just like we love it, and with a lot of fun. I can’t wait next edition ! But surely with fresh stuff.” — JR from The Saintaitiseurs crew

a ghettotastic jump setup seen on digfourvictory

and this 'cause i said so, jason enns lotek add,

LOTEK/ENNS from Lotek on Vimeo.

and a drew bezanson interview on espn

i'm gonna go try and ride the oark and track in port elgin

Thursday, 16 September 2010

you must be one of dem bluenosers

or one of den heron chokers...something like that..? a couple vids for boredumb's sake, drew bezanson riding in californi,

ginger jon, not barspinner ginger, but another one from van, shredding hastings, seylynn and squam....

Little Jon welcome to Kink Pro from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

forgot to put this one up but i seen it last week, james steele lost tapes edit from the come up, james, sam lowe, hango and andy roode i think

catty woods props commercial...yo

i was debatin on this one but ol' chop chop shreds his mountain bike pretty Xtreme, kelly mcgarry choppin new zealand from prettyshady

and i seen this on leastmost...fuck yeah! "i got two skills, this one and this one"

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

hey ball bag

boo fuckin hoo....

haha, yeah,sorry for no updates there folks but i'm out in ontario for a couple weeks, shot a wedding, and got some family portraiture type shit to do, and hopefully a couple jumps to build at my buddy's... just trying to track down some decent dirt without having to pay out the ass..hopefully we can scrounge some up, i'm about to go check on some now...otherwise imma start building some shit in the corner of the farm so i have something to ride when i'm here...

here's a few pics from the trails a couple weeks ago, pretty stoked on these new lights..

that's it.... just kiddin kent

and one of the kushkunts...boss it

in other news, my dog found out what an electric fence does, twice...not the smartest farm dog..

and in real news bruno's old man is pretty sick right now...hang in there dude..

Friday, 3 September 2010

ain't nobody's dirty business

here's a vid james put together of some island trippin WITHOUT dirt...tsk tsk..try to enjoi, and watch out for an ethiopian leg spasm

Vancouver Island from James van de Kamp on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


heavy nettle jam edit on shuvl, check it yo!

and a pawoods vid, summer 2010, hell yeah! catty looks amazing as always!

summer 2010 from woods on Vimeo.