Friday, 17 September 2010

vaya cornholio

the almighty bunghollllllllllioooo!

slide on over to the samsquantch canyon for a couple pics of chester cheetos and wuuke hurtin livers in santa cruz, watch the fuck out fellers..

and a couple other vids,

bowl to be a trail jam, from deluxe

bowl to be a trail jam 2010 from johnmini on Vimeo.

Hot on the heels of his video from La Source Jam, here’s more from JR: “Here’s a video of our  jam held in Saintes (France), the Bowl To Be A Trail jam, organized for the second time by the ‘saintaitiseurs‘ on the West coast of France in an attractive bowl! As last year, we built jumps near the bowl, which is already crazy by itself. In 2010, for this 2nd edition, nothing was missing:
- old school bowl from 1978
- trails
- concerts
- friends
- beers
- cognac
- accordion
- sun
Really nothing was missing ! The jam was nothing except a sweet weekend that we all appreciated, with an atmosphere without any fuss just like we love it, and with a lot of fun. I can’t wait next edition ! But surely with fresh stuff.” — JR from The Saintaitiseurs crew

a ghettotastic jump setup seen on digfourvictory

and this 'cause i said so, jason enns lotek add,

LOTEK/ENNS from Lotek on Vimeo.

and a drew bezanson interview on espn

i'm gonna go try and ride the oark and track in port elgin

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