Wednesday, 15 September 2010

hey ball bag

boo fuckin hoo....

haha, yeah,sorry for no updates there folks but i'm out in ontario for a couple weeks, shot a wedding, and got some family portraiture type shit to do, and hopefully a couple jumps to build at my buddy's... just trying to track down some decent dirt without having to pay out the ass..hopefully we can scrounge some up, i'm about to go check on some now...otherwise imma start building some shit in the corner of the farm so i have something to ride when i'm here...

here's a few pics from the trails a couple weeks ago, pretty stoked on these new lights..

that's it.... just kiddin kent

and one of the kushkunts...boss it

in other news, my dog found out what an electric fence does, twice...not the smartest farm dog..

and in real news bruno's old man is pretty sick right now...hang in there dude..

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