Thursday, 30 September 2010

parlez vous le shred?

i'm sure it's all been seen somewhere's already but here's a few trailin vids..

the first vans kill the line vid, bf, mark mullville, darin read...fuck yeah...

More BMX Videos

and another

Vans kill the line official clip from alexdropsy on Vimeo.

and another i think

Vans Kill The Line / Best of by The Diggest from The Diggest . com on Vimeo.

pows bmx vid from btw, on some amazing lookin cali trails

Trails Web Edit from Marcus O'Brien | POWSBMX.COM on Vimeo.

from tcu, cory nastazio killin his jumps in tehachapi?
9over by woodward west that you can't show up to session...lame)killer brah! nasty's sick as sars

How I'm Livin' 2010 from ISSUEZ INC on Vimeo.

and a sam lowe vid to ender...

Sam Lowe webvid from Jettyev on Vimeo.

truck load of clay in the morning... fuck off rain, at least for a few hours..
blind corn liquor pickers

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