Tuesday, 28 June 2011

this gig sucks!

i think they liked us!

new edit, some sketch filming on a rare sunny break..best of luck to punjab and his difficulties, bummer dude..

Monday, 27 June 2011

Why buy the cow?

when you can steal his photos? JV ran into some organizational troubles after kirkstone yesterday, hope that get's sorted for ya dude..

Also what happened to the 30 and over? come on fellas... Dave ain't stoked.

Did get a couple decent pics but haven't really gone through 'em yet. Good to see faces i haven't seen in a long time, can't wait for more city sessions! KUSH???? yeah i'll be there soon.

And now here's a new surrey steve edit, for the HEVIL vid i think.. some sweet riding from the island and van. graced by the likes of dave, dilly, t.b., b real, and surgery steve himself!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

let it flow

like the wind and the snow.. it snowed to the roundhouse last night, something like a foot.. crazy. i heard they cancelled crankworks 'cause there's too much snow..

well, it's saturday, tomorrow is the kirkstone jam, we'll see if it's rained out on the wet coast..a few sprinkles today but we clocked a couple shitty clips at the park, and maybe have a street sesh before the sun goes down. but for now you can enjoy some stolen video's that entertained me.

first up, get at me wolf!' from deluxe. mark mullville and brian yeagle shredding barend with some unfortunate fella who looks like cotton..

next up from the come up a kick ass part from a kick ass dude! if you ain't seen this yet been hiding in the bush..

Rooftop 2011 United Video Part. from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

had something else in mind but now i forget..


Monday, 20 June 2011

it's not illegal

Dave's been frenching it up in surrey from what i've heard in the rumour tree, and here's a vid of him riding some city parks and kush, looks like the other jumps are still there too.. good to see. found on the embassy site

sunshine would be nice.. i'd love to go for a walk right now...

figure this out at timokanefoto.com

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stay classy

What a night, live footage of idiots fingering cops in the face and hitting them, spitting on them, then having a questioning look of "why?" when they're getting a baton upside the head. wild shit. David Lang has some good shot's via defgrip, have a look, youtube has plenty of video's. I wonder how the kid who got his picture taken lighting a cop car on fire felt this morning?

Friday, 10 June 2011

Can he swing from a web?

no he can't, he's a pig.

so i've finally got something lame put together here,birthday partying went a little long..after dave slept all day he decided he wanted to get to a bar in squamish for the first time ever, at 11:00 pm on sunday. not much luck this weekend but he is persistent

enjoy some breaking in on some new additions.

rev trails 002 from timokanefoto on Vimeo.

theres also some new BASE vids on timokanefoto.com i put together from my buddy's footage, slide on over there and have a peek.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

i have a secret weapon

pretending to be a homosexual.

things have gone pretty sweet 'round the jumps.. maybe i'll put something sweet up tomorrow.. welcome back savage!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

quote the raven


some other fly by pics over at shamelessplug.com

i'm not really sure if this was supposed to be an x-up or a table but it was ugly and a horrible picture on my part so i thought i'd share it with you.

i also shit the bed on this one, sorry treehouse, happy 101 brah! AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!


just wait 'till you see over the edge...

p.s. dirt ron ain't good lookin' but ain't shy of radtastical manoeuvres, long live anthem! it may be 2 a.m. and i may have been taste testing pbr's.. it is what it is..

p.s.s.if you're reading this and own anthem watch geoff slattery and go fast...