Tuesday, 22 June 2010

crouching tiger, hidden pig

back form the boondocks, and only a day and a half late with my rental camera lens..sweet..saw some crazy shit hangin out with these fools though. some pictures soon.

chicken's the make vid,

The Make - Chicken from TheRanger on Vimeo.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Thursday, 17 June 2010

when you think about it

mud is nothin' but wet dirt

get stoked found on trailsrule.blogspot.com

walls not rails brah.. james steele had some knee surgery over the winter and is back to riding, steele style

and check out some sweet pics on the least most, dg invert!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

in the pines

where the sun never shine's

things are getting worked in, dave rode the big line and the small line, i've been working some more on the bruce line, which is, as always, close to being flooded out, maybe i should torch it, that'll learn the stupid rain. nikon d3 for sale, get at me wolf.

revblog001 from tim o'kane on Vimeo.

and some not as good video, but sorta cool nun the less

pa trails action, chris & kris, geoff slaughterly, bf, from the sasquatch reigon

and this profile mike saavedra vid too,

Saavedra fin from matt colisch on Vimeo.

Edit of Craig Teague riding Jay Alianos trails.

Craig Teague from Chris Wilmshurst on Vimeo.

holy fuck man!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

the general lives!

sweet sweet beer..

yep some youtubes, maybe a pic?nevermind the bollocks

bike thief gets caught and beat up

holy fuck, dunno what that was about

cop vs boxer

mark mulville vid from thecomeup

and a luke parslow vid too

the fuck!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

what's it like having a moustache?

duo vid from defgrip, trails documentary of sorts, acid flash backs maybe? sweet vid with chris doyle, i hope someone in raleigh see's this vid and take's over at 401.. check it out here

Full pipe party! from c.a.b.a.,nothing barspins like a deer.. don't forget to cup the balls!

FBD's Full Pipe Party from TheRanger on Vimeo.

and chicken might be changing up the format of his amazing adventures?

next week chickensamazingskateadventures – not!
Advantages of skateboarding
1. Girls love it
2. 5 people 5 boards in one car
3. easy to travel with
4. easy to store
5. in the states there are more skate only parks than bmx only
Disadvantages of skateboarding
1. Unless your really good you might as well go home cus you’ll never land anything
2. You will break a wrist or ankle
3. Cant travel any distance on a skateboard
4. Cant go up hills
5. Cant stop going down hills
6. BMXers hate you
7. Its noisey
8. If you hit a stick in a carpark you will fall off
9. Cant go on gravel or sand or dirt
10. Probly cant skate most English outdoor skateparks eg Redditch

some wild manoeuvres

hey luke maybe this will help..

Monday, 7 June 2010

t.v. party tonight

monday night football! well no football, but football in the groin? that has a football in the groin.

haha, the one cop sprayed the other, awesome

and for some bmxin', from least most

the shit show episode 2

The Shit Show episode 2 from Least Most on Vimeo.

life outside rolls right along as i'm sittin' here gettin high..

diggin in the rain, some dry days might be nice, i'd like to try the new jumps..oh well, life's a beach..some random vid from my weekly entertainment.

holy fuck, some seriously street shit, when he 180s the wall he's also going under a sign, watch for it...

The Latest Video from SundayBikes.com

dude bird dude, 3 a.m. eternal

Yeah, It's Dude Bird Again. from Dude Bird on Vimeo.

mike v ain't shit!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

try meditation

that's right folks, it's a stolen vid post...i guess plans change and things shit the bed, oh well, they say whistler's nice this of year.. been working on the jumps, things are shaping up and a couple new projects have been started.we shall see. on with the show, this is it!

austin edit found on moostrails.blogspot.com

Last days raw from Al Borelli on Vimeo.

and some trails in france that look pretty flowy from deluxe

JLD trail spring 2010 from lionel.bmx on Vimeo.

and here's a bunch of vancouver footage..

randy's runnin shit, plenty of guests too, found on killemallpromotions.com

and an andy roode vid from there too..

Rooder from Presence Bmx on Vimeo.

another andy roode vid, 3ride edit found on thecomeup

Rooder 3ride edit from Presence Bmx on Vimeo.

one of the bmxfu guy's has moved west, and this is the first edit i guess..get loose

vanFUver mixtape 01 from Jettyev on Vimeo.

pbr saved my life..good night folks