Tuesday, 8 June 2010

what's it like having a moustache?

duo vid from defgrip, trails documentary of sorts, acid flash backs maybe? sweet vid with chris doyle, i hope someone in raleigh see's this vid and take's over at 401.. check it out here

Full pipe party! from c.a.b.a.,nothing barspins like a deer.. don't forget to cup the balls!

FBD's Full Pipe Party from TheRanger on Vimeo.

and chicken might be changing up the format of his amazing adventures?

next week chickensamazingskateadventures – not!
Advantages of skateboarding
1. Girls love it
2. 5 people 5 boards in one car
3. easy to travel with
4. easy to store
5. in the states there are more skate only parks than bmx only
Disadvantages of skateboarding
1. Unless your really good you might as well go home cus you’ll never land anything
2. You will break a wrist or ankle
3. Cant travel any distance on a skateboard
4. Cant go up hills
5. Cant stop going down hills
6. BMXers hate you
7. Its noisey
8. If you hit a stick in a carpark you will fall off
9. Cant go on gravel or sand or dirt
10. Probly cant skate most English outdoor skateparks eg Redditch

some wild manoeuvres

hey luke maybe this will help..

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