Saturday, 25 December 2010

can i get a beer around here?

a cold one?stupid warm english beer.. i'm working on it cotton.. you best save up some cash for time off next summer, although i suppose you'd have to get some work first eh?

cowabunga dude..

Monday, 20 December 2010

when you poop in your dreams

you poop for real

yeah..slow week up here, some dustings of snow have kept the skatepark covered down here.. bbq jam at dales..wet feet and cold hands. should be fun, hopefully some pics in a couple days.but for now a couple randoms for ya.

from chaz's facecrack, jimfest 08... s t !

JIMFEST 08 from Jim Brunelle on Vimeo.

and from the embassy,burnababy ghetto house edit, parks and some streets.

Ghetto House Edit from Embassy on Vimeo.

and a random vimeo vid, alex hammett filmed by dale daniel, around 35 seconds,someone's back yard set up? looks like lots to work with...jealous..

Alex Hammett from DAle Daniel on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

can we? can we?

i actually watched a show about chernobyl last winter and thought it would be an interesting trip, guess we can go now! crazy..

some of the internets finest, the next anthem II? rebuilding the underground...psyched!

OLD TEASER from brennen britton on Vimeo.

greg flag vid (with a cory clark blastwith lots of footage from u.a.b., wonder if the dead have risen yet? might have zombies in withdrawl. from the great white embassy

Greg Flag - Indoor 09/10 from Embassy on Vimeo.

a sasquatch's journy from the least most

Sasquatch Canyon: ATX-PHX-SC from Least Most on Vimeo.

and with snow all the way to the valley i got pumped for some turns only to have the weather do a backflip switch 180 to fakie and warm everything all the way to the top almost... sorta felt like plowing through a mud bug at some points..but the freezing level is said to be dropping again and some snow on the way...should make a happy ronda..


Sunday, 12 December 2010

is this where you wanna be when jesus comes back?

drinkin' in the office, "working"? jerkin yer gerkin? thinking of snow slashes?

but for now, those who don't have snow, so awesome, tate roskelley edit found on c.a.b.a. ...snow can't stop a john deere though

Volume Bikes: Tate Roskelley/ Drifter Edit from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

more snow, dana flahr sledland helmet cam

ta ta

Saturday, 11 December 2010

hockey in 17D

piss on hd, piss on 3D, piss on old time hockey.. i think we need a couple more tv's here, there's more games...

could use some sunshine as well, could get some sessions in if it dries up..maybe even torch the trails dry? likely..

check out some pics over on rideonagain

george bolter from NZ i think, hanging out in north amurica and hitting all the tourist spots..

George Bolter 2010 NW mix from George Bolter on Vimeo.

and dang,this could be old news but too bad, that's smooth like good whiskey..heath pinter's new jumps i'm assuming

Matt Priest quickie at Heath Pinter's house. from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

trailing.... i miss vid at villij trails and a frenchman trapped in an englishman's body?

Hideout BMX Advert - Frog from Black Revolver Films on Vimeo.

flip it!

The system's gonna pull that boot right out of my ass

and sew my anus up nice and tight

shawn swain from the bmxfu crew did some hangin loose state side....banger banger

CULTCREW/ shawnswain02 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

matt desson vid, igloo, parks, and mercer's mostly..from the embassy

Matt Desson Embassy Edit from Embassy on Vimeo.

andy roode photos on volume,

pa sweetness on deelux, blast it!

happy weekendin' folks! hang loose!

talking poo is where i draw the line

Monday, 6 December 2010

How to be Deadly - Spinny Thinger

first, maybe second, thing in the morning! get at me wolf!

way too retarded

the blind leading the blind? anyways... yep...gonna go jib the shit outta dale's backyard tonight i think, lot's of snow in the forecast with some moisture in the air, things should fill in nicely after the weekend if we get some touristas plowin around.. it's about to get real yo!

sasquatch canyonero on board death cam!

grizz trails no pedals, just roll...

Saturday, 4 December 2010

he was looking me right in the eyes..

although i think he's only got one eye, pirate eagles? what's next, pirate guinea pigs?

jt when on a road trip with sexsmith and brad simms, travis rides in a shirt and brad simms bunnyhops retardadly high.

The Set - Vegas Road Trip from The Set on Vimeo.

ghetto mansion photos from jason vawter on the least most

Thursday, 2 December 2010

commence operation vacusuck

she went from suck to blow..

it's winter..

but word 'round the campfire is that anthem is showing up in mailboxes, and hopefully distributors in the greater whiter northwesterner are gettin some soon as well...lucero show tomorrow night, may have an extra ticket if you need it..

brazilian shredder, leandro moreira from the profile site, this kid's got some blast button on his bike... and those jumps are massive to the Xtreme, sweet vid..

Leandro Moreira PROFILE RACING Edit. from Wellington Utida on Vimeo.

forty distro road trip to catty woods from deluxe

Forty flip PA trip from Forty Distro on Vimeo.

chester's back from trippin balls

San Francisco from DEREK WOODS on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

hey lesbian vampires, come on in

this is what came on, seriously... haha..

anyways,a couple random vids since i been sittin at the computer a ton.. sweet..plenty of snow fallin though so i might try and go for a sesh tomorrow, hopefully get some shots..

pete sawyer the destroyer from c.a.b.a.

Pete Sawyer from CSG UK on Vimeo.

weekend shred with jordan hango ridding mercer's new ramp and a couple street shots from the northern embassy

A Weekend with Jordan Hango from Embassy on Vimeo.

some mixed park and trail footage off holeshot from circutbmx

Mix Fall Footage from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

hockey central

is at our house,17 games at once! here's a couple randumbs..

isn't she just so cute?

some videos i thought were worth a viewing this week..

marina hills final jam session in good when spots get urns

kink jetlagged online vid, here's the intro..
ahhh chris doyle chris doyle chris doyle

Jetlagged - Intro from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

and this one for chester,

r.i.p. four loko edit from powsbmx seen on the canyon...blackout in a can..


and there's this post i put on buildthewoods, revtrails history book!

there's another hockey game on, see ya..

Saturday, 27 November 2010

hang loose brah!

JBVO3 on colorado


let's get sikter bro brah! good snow fall so far, although it's currently raining in squamish, temps are low in the alpine in whis.. snow that's fallen has been through some really dry and cold air too.....champange yo.. luke's gonna rock ski's this year too, but if you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

the military don't do things unless they have a military purpose

jesse the body ventura has a conspiracy show on t.v. now i guess....odd...anyways, in stuff that's cool, here's a skate vid from the battle of hastings in august.. hammer time's in there, but 1 shot and a background lurker..i'da thought he'd be rippin..oh well, watch if you enjoy something other then skaters getting knocked out..

jason willis from PA, found on case, smooth flowing...

Jason Willis Video from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

and mark potoczny vid as well

Mark Potoczny Deluxe Edit (November 2010) from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

forgot this one, if you didn't see it yet... t1 loves colorada' don't cha know! dangalngdang danny hickerson and another dude that shreds...

T-1 "We Love Colorado" 2010 from joe rich on Vimeo.

who wants to go out downtown squamish?? bruno's back tomorrow night... peelers on thursday?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

definitely gonna be a bit nippy out there today..

accuweather says the realeel is -2... not bad..boss and dialin' coming for a shred today.. hopefully get some pics, looks pretty amazing out right now..

i just seen this on the come up, wait for the kid at the end... "you wanna stab him?" are you fucking kidding me?

and i see this on devon's facefuckbook, pretty awesome..

Thursday, 18 November 2010


we're guards..prison reality shows? seriously..?

anyways, here's some cool stuff.. john thompson has been filming like mad it seems, here's an edit of corey bohan, kym grosser, and sexsmith shredding...but 1 line at kush? c'mon....check out the set.

The Set - 2 days in Vancouver from The Set on Vimeo.

random vid 1, chris donahue @ the vanier jumps

random vid 2 from random craig, cool set-up, looks like lots of lines,bubba gump shrimpin biness

Bubba at Cumby from craig on Vimeo.

more tom robbinson footage from pa dirt..seems like this dude had a hell of a sweet summer cruising the globe shredding dirt... life's a beach eh..

Robbo in PA from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Monday, 15 November 2010

if no one's gettin mad, are you really bein bad?

not much to report other then rain and snow and hail are making their presence's some things i found to be of interest lately..

gtown jumps, somewheres....sweet shit, looks like city/muni jumps? look pretty fun..from 717 blog, and they've posted up a vid from their trails as well

shaggin birds in the shitter, we are the best from defgrip

We Are The Best from the best on Vimeo.

from pretty shady, brazilian dirt jumps, looks like someone's backyard, pimpin set up for sure..

Criminal Trails Jam I - Teaser from CriminalBmx on Vimeo.

interview on espn with chester and boss hogg about slacking in general and being eye candy for kits beach mom's..

happy monday.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

i'm having issues

i think... sure sitting at the computer all night is fun.. much better then going to seattle and partying down for the night. damn. soon, i think it's time to go on the road for a few days once this website nonsense is dealt with.

oh well, "learning" a thing or two at least..heavy nettle pics, all them put together. first time playing around with this thing, and the colours are a bit off..way she goes

and cory clark vid from shuvl, shredding adam's trails,was there on crutches this year though i think? can't remember ..

Cory Clarke from LTD on Vimeo.

jamaul campbell at the park in airdrie i think? house in alberta next summer....??

Jaumell Campbell Weekend Plaza Edit from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

piss jugs!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

who wants this dog?

mcconky vid,some wild shit.. the comments are retarded on there if you're bored..

new season of props tv on fuel tv

and a couple vids from build the woods

and this one i forgot about i think, banos distrobution uk trails tour, texas@1:00?

UK Trails 2010 from Happy Family on Vimeo.

50 bikers vs 2 thievs

Friday, 5 November 2010

oooo la la

should be fun..

here's some shot's from random points in time,

crazy rainstorm day, must been a fun ride home..

before the floods came..

vanier park in the building stages.

kamloops trips

a couple vids from pawoods, i imagine chris has plenty of clips from the summer, to be released in dvd format soon maybe? time for a new catty flick i say..

autumn 2010 from woods on Vimeo.

random woods vid 2010 from woods on Vimeo.

and a hango ride on vid

happy weekending!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

i'm goin street ridin!

and watchin aggroman later! kick ass!

Aggroman is Back!! from Hoffman Bikes on Vimeo.

some canadia content for ya'll..Ben Kaufmann Norco Edit from capital bmx

1664/united alberta tour vid trailer from united , can't wait to go hit some new parks, gonna be hanging in alberta some next summer i think..

United 'Great White North Tour Dvd' Advert from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

some pics of the ramps at mercer's here

sam lowe and kym grosser in a game of bike at the plaza from tcu... samsquantch! fuckin blue nose scorpion slide...

Game of B.I.K.E. at the plaza from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.

and for big john, a dude named dennis from austin that shreds and does mma fighting. on espn

and one for wee willy and the other big wheelers..
a section from the anthill ? mtb vid, follow me.. these guy's are pretty slick on the filming, looks like a trail around here, with some pretty serious jumps innit.... from pretty shady

and this one they just put up there too, race or die, this kid is fast..

and one more 'cause it's beeler! proper trail riding in oregon..

Another Trendy Slow Motion Video: Solstice
by Tyler Deschaine

Another Trendy Slow Motion Video: Solstice from Tyler Deschaine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

dust bowl refugees

so there was a bit more diggin to the the bowl section last week, and tarps and leaves spread aboot in damage reducing manners. just in time i guess, snow all the way down the valley yesterday i heard? we'll see if the winter lives up to the hype it's getting.. i hope it does, wouldn't mind a little powder slashin' and jumpin'...

and in other news i got nothing really, other then it sounds like anthem II is gonna be out around december.. should be a pretty wild and pre-oreders can be found on the anthem site, and the trailer is on pretty much every site i imagine, so why not here too.. i wonder if he can find out how many people have linked the trailer?

ANTHEM II trailer from Stew Johnson on Vimeo.

Aidan's holidays in south france (toulouse) from deluxe

Aidan's holidays from JeremyMuller on Vimeo.

better red then dead!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

today i didn't even have ta use my ak

i'd have to say it was a good day.

speaking of good days.. check out some pic's from the heavy nettle jam on dig..word up magazine!, thanks fellas! check out the liquor bikes vid while you're there.good times in the summertime austin style..

chester put up some new pics if you're so interested in things like taco bus and cat fights and such... he my be sad about this though..loco..

bf in france fit vid on soul mag site

keep the linkage going with some press on the vanier jumps, here and here

one video, leigh g and russ brindley riding for t1 in ozland, put together a vid from a trip to adelaide.

Terrible One Oz team in Adelaide from StowMedia on Vimeo.

and one pic, cody basehead. walking the plank.

lunch time..

Sunday, 24 October 2010

try power weed!

with all new flavours like thunder fuck!

some pics from the island trip like 6 years ago or something..up to date..

gay balls! back from mexico yet?


neil brought the wrong bike.

islander luke

one vid for today, pretty rad,bowls and trails edit from pretty shady

Bowls & Trails Edit from DOWNbmx on Vimeo.

forgot this one too that vegas nick sent through. after his harsh base'ing with randy he's gone and flipped out and turned into a full on base head. tsk tsk, kids these days..

EuroBASEtour2010 from nick binkoski on Vimeo.