Monday, 30 March 2009

should someone else operate the computer?

so after 3 electrical fires,a new altenator, our battery almost falling right the fuck out we're heading twords the border...hopefully vancouver dosen't fuck us over and we get some riding in there....

stayed in grants pass for a night and checked the park out, had some fun, met a local around there and had a bonfire, where i proceded to drink a mason jar of corn whiskey fall head first into a rock pass out and wake up pissing myself, it was awesome...headed out to sandy oregon and stayed with kaiser and some of his homies right across the road from windell's camp and got a session in there, thanks to sam, tim and matt over there for letting us have the park to ourselves.. frikin sweet. we woke up this mornign with a plan to go back today and shoot some blurry foto's but they had started changin up some of the ramps.. oh well..booked it to tigard and here we are..

how about a few pics...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

high on ether

in weed california...

werd up bitches, where's the whistler updates lazy shits?haha...

what the fuck is news? well we are at the ashland community hospital waitin on fatboy to get his busted finger x-rayed, holla at hella insurance yo...

so we stayed in sacramento for a few days, i came pretty close to spending a lot of time there because some fat piece of shit dyke security guard for paladin security thought she would tell the police i was selling drugs to kids at the skate park...i'm quite fucking angry about that...

ahh well, we got to ride a few parks there that were fun as hella..check it

the power inn park was fuckin massive..

shredder greg

a couple from the rusch park, and a private school where some people jumped down a bunch of stairs to flat...

baby foot gots pop

mad rob don't fuck around..

and on the way outta town we hit up the tanzanite park, where people jumped up stairs to flat...

big thanks to nick eric matt and baby foot shawn for showin us hella good timing!
and the 12 year old beer for fatboy

a quick in&out burger and it was off to the heroin session dawg! and drive to ashland

it seriously took me almost an hour to get through this picture... i thought i pissed myself at one point..

ok that's enough for now, it's now pissing in ashland after a nice session yesterday, so we're outta here... grants pass maybe?

hang looooooooooooooooose brah... hella loose

Thursday, 19 March 2009

what's that smell?

just watched a christian kid get punched out by some little "hood rat" kids... funny shit kids being mouthy like that...

hangin cali style, hella chill rad bro other then the little twits, hung with some shredders at the citrus heights park and gonna stay for a couple days, provided we don't get shit for riding bikes in skateboard parks...

i got nothing really so enjoy the show..

some shots from a dith in vegas, pretty fun, about 212 degrees in there...

muscle beach yo

pic's from tahachapie, since woodward is closed for the season (which sucked ass by the way) but did find out about working there for a week for free room and board and free riding....

justin manny'd his way to an in&out burger meal in a ditch outside of town


moo cow

Monday, 16 March 2009

More Dirt less Snow!

So this past weekend the Pinter Jam was on again. There are some pretty amazing photo's floating around and I found this sick vid of the action.

Go to BNQT for more videos.

You can view some nice shots here. Looks like Chase was up to his usual antics.

Also Dave King (from the UK) has another amazing vid up on Derelict. If you haven't seen his vids before I highly recommend sitting back with a brew and havin a geezer.

Hope you guys are in the sun...It's been bloody snowing here again!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

i didn't mean to

my finger just slipped....nerf guns are the shit....haha

so we rode the durango park at the vegas YMCA for a couple days, and hung out with dustin from colorado... good times, shreddin, undercover drinkin and russian roulette with nerf power...awesome...

gratuitous ass shot section...

vegas colin, one of the many shredders around vegas... dam kids...

and we decided to take a day off, and buy some toys.... shootin down choppers is fun

and shootin justin... haha

that poor kid...hahaha

team cancer reppin hard yo

russian roulette anyone?

and we've got some helicocksuckers to terrorize justin and fascinate the mentally retarded as well

mid air collisions..

how's your pile of rock j-roc?