Wednesday, 11 March 2009

condensation doesn't happen in california

well holy shit.... after rocking the fuck out in washington with the boys from pow and pickin up some new gloves, and blazeguardin with jerome and kitner we made our way down through oregon gettin chased by storms the whole way,and rolling into eugene it was a bit dark, maybe 'cause the altenator shit the bed! so a sleepover there and a trip to the parts store we said fuck it and we booked it for the south... vegas baby! and it's nice and toasty here... shit far the plan seems to be to kick it here for another week and then make our way back slowly through oregon and washington to hit up some parks we got snowed out of.... fucking snow...and hopefully tonight we're gonna go rock skatecity for bike night... by the way no bikes allowed can suck it, in fact so can california

well i've been sittin here for like 2 or 3 hours going through pics and watching my computer crash out on me so here's some pictures before i throw this thing through a fucking wall

i tried to make 'em blurry but wasen't happenin, sorry luke

you guys fucking rule!


cali sunrise...fuck yeah!

ashland oregon, there better not be fucking snow when we get back there...park is siiiiiiick


truck stop photo shoot at 1 am...


local justin gettin loose with us...

well that's it... time to go and find the bros, hopefully, and do some backflips...

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