Monday, 22 February 2010

you gotta keep on keepin on

life's a garden,dig it...

jason enns rapid response on dig, answers some questions and there's some vids there, check the teammix around the 2 min or 3 min mark...crazy upside down

matt roe and tom robinson at villij trails..two stylee dudes and some sweet tunes brah..

Matt Roe x Robbo - Villij / Lotek Brand from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

some trails fro the czech republic, they should try out some soiltac. from buildthewoods.

Tomáš Kudrnáč - Summer Trails Edit from David Lorenz on Vimeo.

couple more city pics? e=mc hammer..

spit or rev to clean cuts?

uncle jesse stayed fat

where's the stairs?

the klink show..

and then back to squamish to stop by the hospital for luke..

Sunday, 21 February 2010

more bigger adventures..

a couple trips to vancouver have resulted in luke making some's some shot's from one day..

noice day indeed..

mad chillin...

time for bed..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

well if you mind your business

then you won't be mindin''s sunny, backflip it..

that's it really, go outside..

dustin from colorado we met last year in vegas showed up on the come up...get gangsta with it

Den. CO Mix # 2 from Dustin Arp on Vimeo.

chris haslam skate vid,

free lunch interview with jason enns.. some funny shit..

Monday, 15 February 2010

simple man..

simplify man

random stuff..

a van orman production of a van orman.

Ted Van Orman from The Day Is Over (2004) from Elliot Van Orman Productions on Vimeo.

and an interview with that van orman.

and a really old igloo vid.. no dead beats

a whole bunch of mat hoffman nostalgi'ian on no bikes

some sweet trailin and a wicked tune..

Effin Four-Panamoka Local Section from Maximilian Trunz on Vimeo.

so yeah let's get out there and give it our all, and i've been working on a solution for when it rains here..

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

the other night when i come in

so drunk i could not not see..tracers are bad

welcome to pittsburgh jam at mark potozckny's or something like that... enjoi

Protoz Video for vital from BJ Wolfe on Vimeo.

troy mcmurray vid i found on life? blog that is operated by a van orman who probably trips balls as well, and has some pictures here..good shots, although they reminded me of how much i fucking hate shithawks and i wish they were "huntable"..seriously, fuck seagulls.

and another troy vid just 'cause

Friday, 5 February 2010

tuesdays gone

but saturday is here and the weather is supposed to clear up... let's get out there and rip apart some back tires. the clouds have a way of making things wet but the truest of true will make it through..and make it through we did, with a couple sessions at the park that left me sore as fuck..

luke was hitting the elevator button,

and jammed out when he got too high..

bruno found the elevator too..

crouching tiger hidden browneye

keep it real..

i speant all day working on a new trick, my camera wouldn't work so i had to get leslie to draw the shot, captured it quite well i think.

50/50 shop, million mile tour.. some good shredding going on, kids these days, and speaking of kids these days, do no land in a can can or "side saddle" it looks infinitely gay and this is how you look.

Million Mile Tour Episode II from 5050bmx on Vimeo.

tj ellis webit for alienation at luke parslow's jumps.. just another day eh..

Welcome to the team TJ Ellis from bmx bikez on Vimeo.

some dudes from france filmed some pennsylvania roosting and stauffer ain't got nothin to offer, from axelrad.

session en PA

guillaume | MySpace Video


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

just 24 days

and hopefully we can stop having the olympics crammed down our throat after 4 years... i wonder if the construction workers actually got everything done..oh well, at least there's vancouver fans if we have a bit of trouble in the hockey games. well it's rainy, but trying to clear up so maybe brittania session tonight?

some pictures to help you through...'cause i'm sure dave's pretty bored as he's making comments on my faceshit right now..

and now some stolen content, a pretty sweet cameron wood interview and wood skills video,

dudebirdical yo


Let's Get Dude Birdical - More BMX Videos

aussie day trailin' from deluxe

Australia Day trails Jam 2010 from Ryan Guettler on Vimeo.

would a fag do this?