Friday, 5 February 2010

tuesdays gone

but saturday is here and the weather is supposed to clear up... let's get out there and rip apart some back tires. the clouds have a way of making things wet but the truest of true will make it through..and make it through we did, with a couple sessions at the park that left me sore as fuck..

luke was hitting the elevator button,

and jammed out when he got too high..

bruno found the elevator too..

crouching tiger hidden browneye

keep it real..

i speant all day working on a new trick, my camera wouldn't work so i had to get leslie to draw the shot, captured it quite well i think.

50/50 shop, million mile tour.. some good shredding going on, kids these days, and speaking of kids these days, do no land in a can can or "side saddle" it looks infinitely gay and this is how you look.

Million Mile Tour Episode II from 5050bmx on Vimeo.

tj ellis webit for alienation at luke parslow's jumps.. just another day eh..

Welcome to the team TJ Ellis from bmx bikez on Vimeo.

some dudes from france filmed some pennsylvania roosting and stauffer ain't got nothin to offer, from axelrad.

session en PA

guillaume | MySpace Video


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