Tuesday, 2 February 2010

just 24 days

and hopefully we can stop having the olympics crammed down our throat after 4 years... i wonder if the construction workers actually got everything done..oh well, at least there's vancouver fans if we have a bit of trouble in the hockey games. well it's rainy, but trying to clear up so maybe brittania session tonight?

some pictures to help you through...'cause i'm sure dave's pretty bored as he's making comments on my faceshit right now..

and now some stolen content, a pretty sweet cameron wood interview and wood skills video,


dudebirdical yo


Let's Get Dude Birdical - More BMX Videos

aussie day trailin' from deluxe

Australia Day trails Jam 2010 from Ryan Guettler on Vimeo.

would a fag do this?

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