Monday, 29 June 2009

Air trails and Bails

The other day I got a text from the guys saying that there's going to be a trails seshin that day. The worst part was that I received the notice while I was at work and I didn't get off work till 7pm that day. Doh!

So I show up at the trails as soon as I get off work and like always there's new add-on's to the trails, so I was stoked. To make things even better there where still a few people ripping the trails and there where smokies on the grill.

Anyway Luke was still shredding as usual and I wanted to get a photo of him doing this trick (see below). So I set up all my gear and Luke throws down a couple runs before the smokies finished up and everyone basically chilled for a bit until the food was gone and then Ruke was back at it again ripping the trails.

Since there had been a lot of work going on at the trails that day the trails where running pretty smooth. It was the first day of riding since the first tranny on the big line was rebuilt a bit higher and steeper, so the speed was there for anyone who wanted to pop high off the dirt jumps.

All of a sudden out of no where Luke decided to gap the 4th jump on the big line straight instead of hipping it into the wall ride which was pretty rad. It was the first time I had seen that line hit this season. After a short while a seshin was started, Dave and Luke where both seshing the 4th jump into the hip jump and pulling all types of tricks.

Dave was throwing down some of his famous moto whips and a few tobogans, and Luke opened the bag of tricks with some Superman's, Inverts and No footed can's. I good seshin was had and a new line was open again for the season. Can't wait too see whats in store next.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

this whole internet thing is pretty niffty

so i've almost got to the pictures i've been shooting on my new camera, i gotta shoot film's some shit from the 4x4 rally in pemby.

and here's some pictures of the new track and park they built back home in ontario

so that's it, nighty night

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

i want my mtv

'cause this shit sucks... watch some videos and like it..

andy roode shreddin,

Andy Roode from orville redenbacher on Vimeo.

and some dirt bros classical action,

Dirt Bros 1988 - 1994 Highlights from Dirt Brothers on Vimeo.

and you can't go without this

geoff slattery

Geoff Slattery 2009 from Orchid Footwear on Vimeo.

hit up the 4x4 rally in pemby on saturday, got some cool pics, hopefully go through those tonight, trails anyone?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

First Big Seshin at the trails

Yesterday Coady, Mike and I headed into Squamish to pick up some grocery's and ride the Squamish concrete park for a few hours in the blazing sun. Before we hit the highway into Squamish we stopped in Function to grab a tube and bottom bracket for Mike at Fineline Bike Shop. He managed to get set up with a tube, but there was no luck on new bearings for his bottom bracket.

As we were leaving the bike shop I saw Bruno leaning off his balcony so I went up to say hi and bruno hooked me up with some new grips and invited us to ride the trails later that day when It cooled down.

Later that day after I was burnt from riding Squamish park all day I met up with the crew at the skate park to plan a night at the trails. Everyone showed up with rev's in hand ready to ride the new wall ride that Bruno and Timbo installed a few weeks prior.

Good times where had it was sweet to see Brad throwing down like he does and Luke givener on the foot jams at the top of the huge! wall. Not to mention Timbo and Ryan riding high on the walls. Overall stoked and can't wait to ride the rails again!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Pink Panther

Yesterday everyone was shredding the snake run here in Whistler after work and it turns out there was a random stuffed pink panther sitting on one of the vert walls in the park. After some cold drinks the pink panther was getting more attention and that's when the party started.