Wednesday, 3 June 2009

First Big Seshin at the trails

Yesterday Coady, Mike and I headed into Squamish to pick up some grocery's and ride the Squamish concrete park for a few hours in the blazing sun. Before we hit the highway into Squamish we stopped in Function to grab a tube and bottom bracket for Mike at Fineline Bike Shop. He managed to get set up with a tube, but there was no luck on new bearings for his bottom bracket.

As we were leaving the bike shop I saw Bruno leaning off his balcony so I went up to say hi and bruno hooked me up with some new grips and invited us to ride the trails later that day when It cooled down.

Later that day after I was burnt from riding Squamish park all day I met up with the crew at the skate park to plan a night at the trails. Everyone showed up with rev's in hand ready to ride the new wall ride that Bruno and Timbo installed a few weeks prior.

Good times where had it was sweet to see Brad throwing down like he does and Luke givener on the foot jams at the top of the huge! wall. Not to mention Timbo and Ryan riding high on the walls. Overall stoked and can't wait to ride the rails again!

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