Wednesday, 14 November 2007

it's a lifestyle choice my parents made for me

punknight shows are about the only exciting thing going on in a rained out town. live music is kick ass.

the joey only outlaw band.




wes makepeace

snowboard video premier time... once a week pretty much, get dressed up for gnarcore

some skate shooting with travis....the kid is good....shot's of those in the future.
snow is falling jumps are gonna be burried and i'm gonna get my knee cut

Thursday, 8 November 2007

how about them jays?

fuck baseball's's being hurt.... three weeks 'till surgery so at least this time i won't be able to get back on my bike and do it again....fuck i miss summer, walking around on crutches in the snow is gonna suck balls

the weather is gonna get sour..... it snow's a lot here.... some where close to 30 feet a year....the jumps are usually burried until april...

having your spot plowed sucks ass.........
go there to help save catty woods... one of the best sets in the world.