Wednesday, 30 January 2008

old punker bitches

D.O.A. played at the punk night tonight, they always draw a crowd....duvallstar was a two piece ensemble playing when i got in, pretty rad... some shot's up soon.....

in other cool stuff, check out for a nice trails edit, and a nice give d edit on i'm tired, is it diging time yet?




Sunday, 20 January 2008

do they speak english in what?

so there's still a shitload of snow everywhere.... and i can't do anything....lame...we need to get some snow bikes, check to check out clint reynolds version, looks pretty damn fun.... here's some shot's from punk nights gone past, and it's ceaser sunday....get your drink on

rio bent from east vancouver (?) i think

ninja spy, another vancouver area band, good heavy drumming

whitey, from somewhere? probably van.....

i.c.p. turned ska?

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three inches of blood is fucking amazing