Tuesday, 24 March 2009

high on ether

in weed california...

werd up bitches, where's the whistler updates lazy shits?haha...

what the fuck is news? well we are at the ashland community hospital waitin on fatboy to get his busted finger x-rayed, holla at hella insurance yo...

so we stayed in sacramento for a few days, i came pretty close to spending a lot of time there because some fat piece of shit dyke security guard for paladin security thought she would tell the police i was selling drugs to kids at the skate park...i'm quite fucking angry about that...

ahh well, we got to ride a few parks there that were fun as hella..check it

the power inn park was fuckin massive..

shredder greg

a couple from the rusch park, and a private school where some people jumped down a bunch of stairs to flat...

baby foot gots pop

mad rob don't fuck around..

and on the way outta town we hit up the tanzanite park, where people jumped up stairs to flat...

big thanks to nick eric matt and baby foot shawn for showin us hella good timing!
and the 12 year old beer for fatboy

a quick in&out burger and it was off to the heroin session dawg! and drive to ashland

it seriously took me almost an hour to get through this picture... i thought i pissed myself at one point..

ok that's enough for now, it's now pissing in ashland after a nice session yesterday, so we're outta here... grants pass maybe?

hang looooooooooooooooose brah... hella loose

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