Sunday, 15 March 2009

i didn't mean to

my finger just slipped....nerf guns are the shit....haha

so we rode the durango park at the vegas YMCA for a couple days, and hung out with dustin from colorado... good times, shreddin, undercover drinkin and russian roulette with nerf power...awesome...

gratuitous ass shot section...

vegas colin, one of the many shredders around vegas... dam kids...

and we decided to take a day off, and buy some toys.... shootin down choppers is fun

and shootin justin... haha

that poor kid...hahaha

team cancer reppin hard yo

russian roulette anyone?

and we've got some helicocksuckers to terrorize justin and fascinate the mentally retarded as well

mid air collisions..

how's your pile of rock j-roc?

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