Monday, 15 November 2010

if no one's gettin mad, are you really bein bad?

not much to report other then rain and snow and hail are making their presence's some things i found to be of interest lately..

gtown jumps, somewheres....sweet shit, looks like city/muni jumps? look pretty fun..from 717 blog, and they've posted up a vid from their trails as well

shaggin birds in the shitter, we are the best from defgrip

We Are The Best from the best on Vimeo.

from pretty shady, brazilian dirt jumps, looks like someone's backyard, pimpin set up for sure..

Criminal Trails Jam I - Teaser from CriminalBmx on Vimeo.

interview on espn with chester and boss hogg about slacking in general and being eye candy for kits beach mom's..

happy monday.

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