Thursday, 4 November 2010

i'm goin street ridin!

and watchin aggroman later! kick ass!

Aggroman is Back!! from Hoffman Bikes on Vimeo.

some canadia content for ya'll..Ben Kaufmann Norco Edit from capital bmx

1664/united alberta tour vid trailer from united , can't wait to go hit some new parks, gonna be hanging in alberta some next summer i think..

United 'Great White North Tour Dvd' Advert from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

some pics of the ramps at mercer's here

sam lowe and kym grosser in a game of bike at the plaza from tcu... samsquantch! fuckin blue nose scorpion slide...

Game of B.I.K.E. at the plaza from Charlie Crumlish on Vimeo.

and for big john, a dude named dennis from austin that shreds and does mma fighting. on espn

and one for wee willy and the other big wheelers..
a section from the anthill ? mtb vid, follow me.. these guy's are pretty slick on the filming, looks like a trail around here, with some pretty serious jumps innit.... from pretty shady

and this one they just put up there too, race or die, this kid is fast..

and one more 'cause it's beeler! proper trail riding in oregon..

Another Trendy Slow Motion Video: Solstice
by Tyler Deschaine

Another Trendy Slow Motion Video: Solstice from Tyler Deschaine on Vimeo.

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