Tuesday, 15 June 2010

in the pines

where the sun never shine's

things are getting worked in, dave rode the big line and the small line, i've been working some more on the bruce line, which is, as always, close to being flooded out, maybe i should torch it, that'll learn the stupid rain. nikon d3 for sale, get at me wolf.

revblog001 from tim o'kane on Vimeo.

and some not as good video, but sorta cool nun the less

pa trails action, chris & kris, geoff slaughterly, bf, from the sasquatch reigon

and this profile mike saavedra vid too,

Saavedra fin from matt colisch on Vimeo.

Edit of Craig Teague riding Jay Alianos trails.

Craig Teague from Chris Wilmshurst on Vimeo.

holy fuck man!

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Anonymous said...

so much rev'n....we gotta kick it tim man sometime soon, stateside or bc side whatevs brahhhh....

blazer van keenman