Friday, 24 September 2010

can't we at least wait for the cheeseburgers?

a touch windy here and plenty of storms... crazy system been moving up through the states, got some good pics, and i'll have some film one's when i get back out west too..dump truck load of clay to my buddy's tomorrow, this should be a sweet weekend of making good times!

in not me news,

hopefully more kids from Calgary will be not wearing nike's soon enough, Andrew Schubert from Calgary is getting flow from Lotek, go on over to shuvl to check the vid, pretty sweet, looking forward to stopin in on the way back!

the nora cup winners, probably old news already, were announced and drew bezanson got #1 ramp rider, you can check out the rest on the ride site

team chocolate chip # 6 from tcu...that video still is what got me... kid didn't even look phased...nutterly...

TEAM CHOCOLATE CHIP from Dan Dwyre on Vimeo.

josh bedford vid from the mutiny site, rubber ankles... when you see it, you'll shit a brick...if you shit a brick,or piece of pie, consult a physician...

TWW - Josh Bedford from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

tom penny (skate wtf! sweet bowl tho innit?) still killing it in this skate flick from duffs

tom penny new footy from vincent on Vimeo.


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