Sunday, 4 May 2008

god damn french....

habs lost.. montreal is out of the playoffs and there's no more canadian teams... oh well redwings will win that shit anyways....detroit what bitch?

sorry about that, so finally got down to the trails and started working, can't really ride yet, soon though.. starting to de-sog...

fucking stump has to go... gonna try to build the landing a bit shorter and higher, straighter into the berm kinda thing

and then build the berm up just like dave king would do

smiley face!

oh yeah and pepe and haley started working on the garden so we'll have veggies to steal when we're burnin' meat! fuck yeah!

wanna shoot a proper b/w one with this tiller that's been sitting around the jumps longer then i've been digging there

mark has a fat head... and lindsay...well she's hot

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