Monday, 5 January 2009

beer and sex and chips 'n gravy

that's all a cotton wants......

so what's new since yesterday? i had to drive through a 2 foot snowbank to get out this morning,but lightness can handle that shit, fuck did it ever snow... this is about the time of year when i start thinking about the trails and that they'll never be clear of snow..., three cheers for global warming! soon enough i'll be pissed they're like this,

what else?

fuck all, look at someone else's pictures(they're pretty good for a pikey), and ridebmx put up an archive of all their old desktop backgrounds, supercool, check 'em here and also you can find some random pic's from mike savaadra's trails, blue bench trails

and just after i ordered my breakfast poutine i found this frenchie on the deluxe blog...weird...

Max bimar Part from Bimar Maxime on Vimeo.


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