Tuesday, 13 January 2009

fark that

went to the igloo thursday night... haha, sorry dude, maybe this weekend? gimme a call, and i'll talk to luke..

a.j. also stole half the vid's i was gonna post up... haha, ahh well, i got sources sucka...

here's something for the flatnerds, this kid is mental...

Two Combos in The K-124 House from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Mat Hoffman had a birthday and ridebmx put together some old vids of the condor here

and a couple pic's from the igloo, the rest will hopefully show up on macneil for a bike check with baller


hey brian, if you wanna know more about the bars in the bike check, email bruno, brunopoulin15@hotmail.com, he's the one who did it so he can probably answer your questions..

and one more found on thecomeup

holy fuck what an idiot

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2 shovels said...

that igloo place looks so sick! i love this cross country bmx communication. its cold as hell in VA and rainy or snowy so i havnt touched my trails in over 2 months. it drives me crazy. ive been in mexico for about a month too. so no bmx at all. im looking forward to this spring. if for some odd reason you guys ever make it over here ill take you anywhere you want to go. i also had talked about possibly POSSIBLY doing a trip down the west coast starting in canada. so if that happens sometime id let you know. we could ride and hangout. sounds great!