Sunday, 25 January 2009

what the hell am i doing drunk in the middle of the day

so i guess i'm retarded and can't read a calander.. monster jam next weekend, but this weekend worked out sweet... got an igloo session with justin and a.j. all to ourselves 'till 1 am, rode at hastings the next day after a big fat fucking feat, where burnaby luke showed up and shredded, then took us to check out the burn a baby trails... some seriously sweet lines there, can't wait to go back when things are runnin..and i've also got no blurry photos to show for it.. left 'em at home and now i'm at work...suck it

some vid's from out there, first up, filmin john went to the renton skatebarn with wade and travis and filmed some clips...

Macneil - Skatebarn Day Trip from John Thompson on Vimeo.

and etnies have put up all the sections from grounded on the web, here's strickers section at full speed

i'm tired and my tooth hurts like a cunt... and i'm flying to florida next week, fuck the cold

don't fuck your sister

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dave said...

i see wades still got my fuckin helmet lol