Wednesday, 22 April 2009

where the fuck's cotton?

where's chaz for that matter? dunno but neither one is here... speaking of not here, where's my truck? oh yeah, i like to drink...


nevermind, here's some dirt while i wait for bruno so we can go drink, i mean dig...

random trails edit from some pikeys i don't know

___________. from old crow on Vimeo.

and here's robbo who i also don't know,

Robbo's 'Up In Smoke' Bonus from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

is that paul b.? i don't know what he looks like...

t1 rules, it ain't friday but you're gettin it, terribleonefreakyfriday

how about some pictures, well you can't see 'em 'cause i'm lazy, i think it's time for a ceaser...

hey bruno, here's how to do lawnmowers

oh yeah and go buy the 2x4 video, it's fucking awesome...schools out bitches, everybody dance now

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