Friday, 16 October 2009

i don't like modern art

oh i like farts

it's a bit damp out.. unfortunately it looks like ullr is on his way to end the trailing season here..

all in all it's been a ball, so here's a couple pics from the hopefully not last session..

luke and dave sessioned guy lafleur for the paparazzi fest

ryan, steve and remy showed up and joined in the small line fun

steve was gettin pretty sideways, couple more runs..

ryan was gettin hella raditude chill on the small line too

off to the third jump where i took a bunch more crap foto's..

luke was straight cold chillin his wookbacks

and he even helped show dave how to get it done

and it was chill..

and a couple videos i found..
"who knows" trailer from tom robinson..

whoknows vid preview from tom robinson on Vimeo.

and some more robbo, with matt roe as well.... english mate

matt roe and robbo lotek vid

Matt Roe x Robbo - Villij / Lotek Brand from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

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