Wednesday, 7 October 2009

hey kids

the mule dun birthed a female critter

so after spending twice the amount of money i got a new computer that hopefully won't shit the bed on me, yay! and i'm slowly drinking my way through my foto folder that has been building up..

a quick park warm up to afternoon october trail session that nick snapped some pics of, i took some too so we might see those in a year or two.. however here's a couple new shots from squam the other day take a gander..

dave liked joe's hip a bunch, not really the landing so much.. to each his own i rekin

for some reason i like the un-cropped shot my self, the tripod kinda fits with the spotlight effect from the flash?... maybe, maybe i'm retarded tho

bruno killed it so hard my nikon couldn't handle it so i had to use him for photographic/science purposes

dave mighta took this'n

i think luke was on drugs again, kept having hallucinations again, god isn't in the landing bud, he's not there.... poor little bugga

and no you can't see your invert, have this

some PA trails though 'cause it's 2:27 and i'm tired

Welcome Jam 09' from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.


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