Wednesday, 30 September 2009

what ever happened to eddie munster?

i'm lookin at him

so here's an update of sorts for the lack of updates...mostly some randumbs from through out the summer, my computer's still being a p.o.s. (see: dell computers) so you get some somewhat edited non-watermarked shots..

some park rattin' first..


blurry as fuck innit?

the next big thing from an RV parked somewhere

step up to the mic bro

and there's plenty of trails stuff i haven't got to yet....yep

a couple vids swipped from the come up that are pretty sweet..

tony cardona on a trip to costa rica, that kid rips shit

Tony Cardona in Costa Rica from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

and hucker getting wild

A Mother Huckin' Day with Hucker from 8milmediagroup on Vimeo.

and this last one's for rainbow 'cause he fell on his face..


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