Saturday, 12 September 2009

August Trails

With the summer being so dry here in Whistler it's been so hard to ride the trails. The constant sunny days for weeks on end have been trouble all over, not only on the trail's but with the fires starting everywhere in the province everything been a mess.
Due to the vast maintenance required to make sure the jumps are smooth enough to ride with them crumbling the second your tire hits the dirt it has drastically cut back the amount of trail days this year.
Today we had a big turn out at the jumps and everyone was putting in some time to make sure the jumps where tip top before anyone put their tires on the jumps.
Dave got put to work climbing one of the tree's besides Lapin's line. At the time there was too much over hanging brush causing people to get smacked in the air by the branches on the 4th jump.
So to solve the problem we got Dave to ninja up the tree with an axe in hand to chop down all of the branches that he kept airing into.
Once the branches where down and the jumps where watered everyone cooked up some grub on the BBQ and we waited for the trails to settle before the session started.
After I set up all my gear everything started to happen. People where riding the race track while people where hitting the big line. There where train's galore, with Bruno following Luke and vice versa. A few close call's where had, near collisions but all was good at the trails
Unfortunatly I had to leave quite early in the session because my parent's arrived in town that day so from what I hear I missed out on a huge session with a lot of progression happening.
All in all I still managed to grab a few snaps and got to chill with the parents for the first time in over a year.

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