Thursday, 10 December 2009

i hope you like the taste of dirt

hi there neighbour, been a while eh? and i don't got no new pics.. been busy with moving down to squamish and settin up my pad and whathaveyou.. need to do some riding or diggin soon but -2 can suck it..

here's a couple vid's i swiped from pawoods,

un autre trailer from their vid this year and they also have some pic's from catty and other pa trails in the new ridebmx mag and video

pawoods 2nd 10 year trailer from woods on Vimeo.

and a quick little commercial for a company called sekt clothing that has some stylin' shredders

sekt commercial, at the other austin trails

hmm let me check for a pic or two to entertain,

i don't think i put up any pic's of the german days so here's a few rejects (most of them)

when was bancroft back again? sneaky little hippy...

piss on the fire next time


ya ze german!

and he sent me a couple pics a while ago too,

i hope the guy that took these ain't some big bad ass german that's gonna get pissed at me...haha

one more pic for dave,

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