Sunday, 10 January 2010

it's got my secret ingredient


so luke bruno and i hit the o'l igloo for a saturday night session with barspinner jonh, and apparently some other youngin's had the idea too. made for a packed house, but those kids these days, they shredded it up..

personal spaces were invaded

i forgot your name so i'm caliin you b-real for now, hope you like cypress hill..p.s. fuck censorship

luke knows that place

haven't got to see these kids ride in person too many times, but they's got's some moves i tell ya, almost refreshing to see some brakes on bikes too..

anthony, who looks like a mini wade, lost his belt and tried to smash his balls..

james who has a boost button on his bike,

and aussie pete who come from perth, hello sailor..

so it's pretty much bed time for me.. check out a couple more vids

welcome to jefferson state, nw trails with the building the underground crew?

Welcome To Jefferson State Trails Section from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo.

so robbie morales left s&m and this is old news and you already know what's up, here's the trailer vid for his new deal cult, some wild and crazy stuff here

CULT TEASER from on Vimeo.

mike laird power hour session, slayin hard with a sick song..

Power Hour: Mike Laird - More BMX Videos

chop chop

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