Tuesday, 19 January 2010

there's a tear in my beer

oh well, least it ain't pee

so last saturday the weather decided to be wicked and we went to the city to ride with paul and jesse, was hella fun yo.. 'till aids caught up with me..was an afternoon of wallride spots (which i took no photos of), tree abuse in the sunset (which was documented), sailor jibbin (also documented for historical facts), back to wallriding (hurts the shoulders), with a smashing game of tennis to entertain our rain delay smoke break, all the way to cardboard box skids and pedal grinds under the warm glow of the police lights...life is grand..then i got sick and felt like shit so we went and drank in the garage..can't wait for another nice day to shoot some endo shots...speaking of shots, i need to get another beer..have a look at some history in the making...

luke was on fire..


pizza roll to fakie

oh my god it's godzilla!(check out the godzilla poster at the bottom too..ha)

bruno learn't barspins and busted out some bars to tire taps... to bad he doesn't speak spanish..

and on to the future..today. a nice sunset on the docks..

and since that was today, it is 2:19 a.m., i'm going to have my pizza pops, finish my beer and go sleep..what would it be without some swiped vid's though..

luke parslow and pals jumping around.. nastazio's mega slow mo flip is fucking pimpin....

Rockstar Energy Drink: Luke Parslow Trails from Sixtiesrider on Vimeo.

is mat roe trying to one up luke's footjammin skills? maybe...

Robbo x Roey / LDN - Hastings from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

poop...okay i randomly searched poop on you tube and that link was in there, this one came up around first too... i don't know what to say, hulk smash

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