Friday, 27 February 2009

it's tax time canada!

straight up stolen post... suck it trebek

terrible1 freaky friday! i forgot to put up last weeks, the new t1 signature garret byrnes pedal!

and this week's freaky friday extravaganza!
the freaky friday go out and make friends mask!

ok so not totally stolen, here's some music pictorials.. or something...

Australian wildfire benefit last sunday...(in an unrelated incident has child porn?)

leigh the host for the evening, pretty rad dood..thanks man...

showcase dani opened up

emo lookin guy who's name i can't remember up 2nd

and Ash Grunwald closed up... there was a secret band in there, inxs or something... i think i got a pic somewhere... blah

and some of my pic's of wade made it up onto the macneil site... although maybe luke took them 'cause they're not very blurry...

oh yeah and i posted up some more links to randumb goodness on the right...

brian finestone photographyand the blazeguard blog, be sure to look for diamonds

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