Monday, 23 February 2009

'till the bottle runs dry

i got plenty more spirit left....but i'm fucking tired...haha

so what's news? found some vids from vancouver,

Igloo session with two bloody myers in one room…

Igloo BMX from One Paradigm on Vimeo.

and the kirkstone jam 08... sexsmith is seriously mental...

Kirkstone BMX Jam 2008 from One Paradigm on Vimeo.

shot a shit load of photos last night that i have yet to go through, and went riding in the city with justine and fatboy, sleeping in my truck dosen't work very well in the cold... at least we got a nice early start to the day....

that's pretty much all for now.... i might put up some more pics tonight... got some photochopin to do

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Anonymous said...

kirkstone jam looked like a good time. peep blazeguard.blogspot rev that shit!