Thursday, 12 February 2009

nothin runs like a deer

bloody pikeys

updater malfunction... cotton ain't puttin up shit...

here's a video from chicken found on thecomeup

BCBMX April07-August08 from Chicken BCBMX on Vimeo.

random lotek video and now i forget what's on there, probably good shit though.


and go check out the new berm at barend, looks fucking sweet...

barend bermer

what else is new? i've got some pictures to go through still, took a couple in florida, and finished a random roll of black and white from a while back.

fatboy is coming over from the island, i'm gonna pick him up monday night after work, and we're gonna sort out plans for driving down to californee for sunshine and bikini's 'cause i didn't see one bikini while in florida.

and i woke up pissed drunk taking a leak in the corner of my room... i think i drink too much..

is that it?

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