Wednesday, 27 August 2008

watch out fo da cops yo

can't believe that shit...haha

so there's a new spot under the library but i guess we'll have to wait 'till they close to ride it 'cause the called the cops.... wtf mate.... oh well the cop was retarded anyways, watched him drive past looking the wrong way... hahahaha...

Main Entry:
su·per·flu·ous Listen to the pronunciation of superfluous
Middle English, from Latin superfluus, literally, running over, from superfluere to overflow, from super- + fluere to flow —


so i really ain't got fuck all...couple stolen videos for the day

stolen off defgrip, there's also a link to some photos from the olympics that someone stole and put on their own site

A Day In the Life with Dak and Eric from Lotek on Vimeo.

crazy shit

and this was funny as hell

have some old pictures

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