Thursday, 7 August 2008

just want a bitter down me neck

serve us next or i'll get vexed.....

stole some video's off the come up, enjoy... maybe some pictures if my shit finishes backing up my files...

guenther rules... samurai lost footage from the igloo and woodward and other vancouver locations...i think i even saw a skinny looking surrey steve and wee wade lajlar in there..
See more skate, snow, surf, and moto videos at Shred or Die

streets is talking

big daddy vs. feeble double barspin peanut butter

Big Daddy VS. The Double Barspin At Shapes from Staff BMX on Vimeo.

kris bennett demolition video.

and lotek put up a bunch of videos...lotek vancouver was pretty rad shit..

have fun!

some kid posted this on the come up board, i kick ass

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